Dear Spatula,

I bought you in December of 2012 for $3.99 at World Market during the height of the holiday season. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one. My cooking skills improved tremendously over the next several years, and you remained by my side through thick and thin, from the time I made watery spaghetti to the time I made cookies from scratch and left them in the oven for three hours. I poached eggs with you, mastered the art of casseroles with you and delicately baked my first loaf of strawberry heart-stuffed pound cake with you. I’ve grown as a wannabe chef in the kitchen with you.


I replaced you last night but haven’t had the heart to dispose of you just yet. But I guess this is goodbye. Out of all my kitchen tools, you were my favorite. To soften the blow of losing you, I’ve found the perfect replacement. We found your blue cousin yesterday evening at World Market, and even though he’s not green, he blends with our other kitchen tools and gadgets just fine.


Thanks again for all the memories! You were the best spatula I ever did have.

Until we meet again,