Just a few snippets from Halloween and this past weekend. On Friday the 28th, Keegan and I drove to see Cut Copy in Denver. He referred to Cut Copy as “gay music”, not in a condescending sense but because gay people really do enjoy their dancy tunes. Well Keegan hit the nail on the end, because we wound up seeing them at a gay bar, and I couldn’t help but laugh. We had such a good time! We arrived fairly early and spent some time next door at Broadway’s. I think it’s safe to say we found the gay district in Denver, and I aint mad–the drinks were cheap and the crowd was pleasant.






Cut Copy didn’t play their own music with it being a dj set, but it was fun regardless. I didn’t expect to see them in such a small setting. And Sacred Seed (the main sponsor), was distributing free merch, so I landed a baseball tee. We’ve talked about making “Gay Halloween” an annual tradish. It’s one thing to go to a show, but Halloween parties take it to a whole nother level. The costumes had us dying the entire evening, and we even ran into another Little Red Riding Hood!

Do you hear the voice inside your head
Whispering to live your dreams instead
Some people cling to what they know
But I woke up now it’s time to go

The following morning, my good friend Erika arrived with her boyfriend. After nursing my hangover, I drove back to Denver, dropped Keegan off with his sister and met Erika and Rico at The Corner Office, a fancy martini bar with decent happy hour prices. Every time a friend visits us from Nashville, I can’t help but think how weird it is to see someone I know out here. Hanging with friends in a different context is always such a pleasure; I love acting as a tour guide and showing them what the city has to offer.

My girl <3
My girl ❤

After martinis, we got into some other things… I can’t elaborate, but it’s Denver, so you can imagine. And shout to my girl for introducing me to The Internet. This is basically all I’ve listened to recently–absolutely obsessed. And I love the title of their most recent album, Ego Death. This album is everything.

This time last year, I was so depressed and homesick. I held it all in and bottled it up. It was rough to say the least.

This Halloween was perfect compared to last year. I got to go see a show, hang with friends and see ET for the first time ever at our local theater, The Kress. And I finally got a mudslide out here! It’s one of my adult beverages ever, and the movie theater makes them pretty strong. If there’s one thing I won’t take for granted out here, it’s how all the theaters encourage you to drink while watching a movie. Mudslides and popcorn? Umm yes please.

Late night cuddles with Buddy
Mudslides at The Kress
Totes diggin our bay window–so many fun ways to decorate this space!!
My cooking group made a 7 layer “Jack-o-lantern dip” with witch brooms (mini Reese’s cups with pretzel sticks). You could tell they had a blast.

That about covers all the Halloween festivities, but this past week as awesome, as well. First, the Community Based Team surprised me with a cook book and a small canvas that said “The farmer’s market is my happy place” for passing my exit exam last month…how very sweet and thoughtful! Totally made my day–I am very fortunate to work with such a great team.


Also, I voted last week and still received a sticker! We mail-in our ballots out here–we’re only one of five states allowed to do so, which I super appreciate. I love living in such a progressive state where I don’t have to wait in line. Not to mention, we get vote on things like Death with Dignity, Colorado’s Right to Die initiative. I’m proud to reside in a place where religion rarely trumps common sense.


On Friday evening, Keegan and I drove to Fort Collins to watch Ideocracy at the Lyric. I’ve hoarded these free tickets for months, and with the election around the corner, it was funny and sad to finally watch this movie for the very first time. But again, you can’t go wrong with adult beverages and popcorn. They didn’t serve mudslides, so I settled for Rosé.

Yesterday, I traveled to Longmont Colorado for the states allegedly largest Dia De Los Muertos Celebration. Denver Botanical Gardens hosted a similar event, but it was further away and cost 12.50 plus parking. The event in Longmont was free and Keegan was stuck in a training, so I figured “why not?”.

I attended the Day of the Dead Festival in Nashville several years in a row, but the sentimental aspects of the exhibits presented by the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center brought me to tears. The alters adorned with heirlooms and artifacts provided a vivid depiction of deceased relatives, former celebrities, and groups of people, such as the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Between this, the altar for Remembering Our Babies and the Lost Immigrants memorial, it was all I could do to hold it together. The Pan de Muerto was good, the mariachi band killed it, but I’ll never forget those alters.





Guests were encouraged to grab a heart, commemorate their loved ones and add a personal touch to the altar.
Legit tears
Breaking my heart

I didn’t want to drive all the way to Longmont without doing some exploring. So after the festival, I googled local coffee shops and wound up at La Vita Bella. Omg. Their coffee is strong, authentic and delicious. I’m addicted to the Human Bean because of the sugar content and proximity to our house. I could literally walk to the Human Bean if I wasn’t so lazy, but instead I drive the 8th of a mile to get my fix. La Vita Bella, on the other hand, adds homemade Ganache and Caramel Sauce to their Mochas. This isn’t your typical super sweet syrupy shit–that Bella Dolce blew my effing mind. Word to my readers: If you visit Longmont, Colorado, you have to go to La Vita Bella. The drinks, the ambience and the soft jazz music make this basement establishment worth a trip down the stairs.


Afterwards, I wandered into a bakery called Happy Bakeshop. I racked up on mini cupcakes to take to Christine’s and booked it to Fort Collins.


We had to meet Esme at JC Penny’s to grab some homemade tamales, courtesy of her mother. Then, we hung out at another museum and checked out their roof top before heading to Social for happy hour. I don’t even know what drink I got, but it was cheap and fancy and I loved it.

Just a block or two away, the Welsh Rabbit has their cheese shop separate from the bistro. We’ve gotten cheese and wine at the bistro several times, but this marked my first visit to the cheese shop. Apparently their fridge has several sample cheeses ranging from $1-3. So we each purchased a few and had our ladies’ night (plus Jimmy) at their house. I brought wine from my house and Christine bought the crackers. Couldn’t ask for a better Saturday night!



Junip loves to chill in the bathroom while I soak in the tub lol

This morning, I enjoyed a nice, long soak in the tub followed by a sporadic trip to Winchells. We previously heard from friends “it’s just a donut shop”. Umm no. They have a ton of different types of donuts plus bagels, bagel sandwiches and this beauty depicted below called the Bacon Avocado Extreme Melt. Today was my lucky day.



Keegan and I have been making an effort to get to know Greeley better. So after Winchell’s we tried a new coffee place, too. Your Place is surprisingly close to our house. I actually tried to find this place about 6 months ago, and my GPS took me to the middle of nowhere past Northern Greeley heading towards Wyoming. I just assumed it went out of business, but apparently it’s been near 23rd Avenue for over a year. In any case, their coffee is good! Not quite as good as La Vita Bella, but it’s nice to have nearby options besides the Human Bean.

Woke up like dis. Slept in the guest room last night since my poor husband has a cold, and his snoring keeps me up at night.

These last two weekends have been fun and entertaining. I’m so glad to not feel depressed like I did this time last year. The homesick struggle was so real. I held it all in and bottled it up. It was rough to say the least. Depression’s like a fog: You’re wandering through the woods, going deeper and deeper into the forest and suddenly the fog impairs your vision. Depression is elusive until it suddenly hits you; you’re lost in the thicket and need to escape.

I’m all too familiar with the insidious nature of depression, and I’m determined to avoid that path this year. There’s a certain amount of sadness, guilt and despair that comes along with moving to a new location. It’s appropriate and natural to grieve a new environment. But now that I’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, I expect this fall and winter season to be pleasant and exciting. I’m grateful to be out here and glad to be doing well.