Just as I’m starting to lose energy and motivation, fall break arrives to save the day. I took Monday-Wednesday off from my internship, and the next thing you know, all I want to do is sleep. Pretty sure I slept 12 hours at least four nights last week. The rest was much-needed.

Wednesday afternoon, Christine and I grabbed drinks and snacks at Old Chicago near my house. Then we booked it to Syntax to try some fancy drinks before the debate. I’m always down for a sporadic get-together. This marked the first debate I’ve watched from start to finish in recent months, and it was very amusing. I can’t explain how good it feels to only work 40 hours a week, so I can chill after work with friends. Needless to say, graduation couldn’t come soon enough!

This past Friday evening, I stayed at the house while Keegan took a sabbatical. The boys went hunting in South Dakota, which is totally cool with me. Sometimes it’s nice to have the house to myself.

Saturday morning, Gnar Gnar somehow managed to get tape in her fur, and I had to cautiously remove the tape before she had a conniption fit. The next thing I know, she sunk her teeth into my hand, and it quickly began to swell. I didn’t have time to run to Urgent Care before the ice cream party, so I stuck it out like a champ until this morning. I took some Ibuprofen before bed last night, and the swelling cleared up somewhat, but my hand was still infected nonetheless. So now I’m on antibiotics for a week. No bueno.

Despite the random cat bite, the ice cream party was awesome! The truck driver was super friendly, and it was nice to catch up with everyone. We grabbed margaritas afterwards, too, so all in all we enjoyed a very pleasant Saturday.

And last but not least, my domestic violence article was published in the Greeley Tribune. Check it out by clicking this link. And here’s to another awesome week!

Drinky drinks with Christine
Found a new place to eat in Greeley–yum
Thrift shop finds for our home office
Damnit Gnar Gnar
Pretty stoked to see this truck
Heaven in a cup
Cheesin big time
Lovely ladies ❤ ❤ ❤