Of all the newly discovered bands this year, this is the most original. Hiatus Kaiyote brings something different to the table; I can’t get over their R&B vibes infused with jazz, funk and trip hop. Naomia “Nai Palm” Saalfield’s melodic voice covers a range of unexpected pitches unlike anyone I’ve ever listened to. Bottom line–she’s good. Really, really good.

When you search Haitus Kaiyote on Spotify, the first related artist to appear is Thundercat, and I totally disagree. Thundercat rolls with Flying Lotus in Los Angeles, while Hiatus Kaiyote originates from Australia. If you had to categorize all three under trip hop, you could probably get away with it, but until someone offers reasonable comparison, these guys remain in a league of their own. Take a listen, and decide for yourself. And shout out to my friend Ponder for the radical suggestion!