Feels like summer’s pretty much over with my fall internship beginning tomorrow. So with this being my last first day back to school ever, I’m kicking off the semester with a “positivity bang”. I’ve been reading up on self-care today and developed a few strategies to keep me going strong through December:

1. Read one chapter for pleasure/review Oprah magazines.

2.  Exfoliate//light candles//play music//drink wine while soaking in the tub.

3.  Try a new do//play with makeup//get my nails did.

4. Meditate.

5. Try a new recipe.

6. Cuddle puddle with the pets.

7. Give my time//heart//advice to someone else.

8. Start planning//daydreaming for next year.

9. Work on the family cookbook.

10. Develop my blog.

11. Talk good to myself.

I imagine one or two nights a week in which I’ll either study till dawn, need extra sleep or intern later than normal, but surely 5-6 nights a week I can do one of these things. I refuse to be like “Read on Mondays, meditate on Tuesdays”, but maintaining a loose self-care schedule ought to be good for me.

And to counteract the pressures of studying for the National Counseling Exam, I’m returning to one of my favorite subjects, the chakras. I’ll be taking each chakra one week at a time from the bottom up to regain a sense of balance.

I’m not nearly as nervous about this semester as I was in June regarding the summer semester. If there’s one thing my summer internship taught me, I can do anything I put my mind to. I dread the upcoming exhaustion, but I’m determined to put my best foot forward and maintain a positive, healthy attitude. So with that being said, let’s do this. Bring it on, last semester!!