I finished my summer internship, and it feels like the end of an era. I was having legit anxiety in June, and what seemed like such an impossible task (completing 300 hours in 9 weeks with a full-time job) is suddenly behind me. My worries are a thing of the past. Thursday night, I slept 12 hours and slept 11 more last night. I’ll probably go to bed early tonight, too, but I am truly fortunate to have these next two and a half weeks to myself, including a three-day weekend with 4 additional days off this month.

It’s hard to believe only one semester stands between me and this degree. My heart is pulled in many directions: Should I pursue General Mental Health Counseling, Crisis Counseling or work with Survivors of Domestic Violence? Not to mention, the Human Resources route remains open, as well. I’d rather have several options than none, and I should probably focus on studying for the National Counseling Exam, but it’s fun to daydream about next year. No one knows what the future holds, but I plan to take full advantage of this degree.

Normally I fill a blank schedule with plenty to-dos for myself, but I’m taking it easy till the fall semester begins. I reviewed the graduation check-list today and got the ball rolling. I’m studying for the NCE and reading books I never finished from earlier this year. Otherwise, I’ll be catching up on sleep and entertaining guests. I’m grateful to have made this far in my program and can’t wait to graduate in December.