This summer’s been awesome ever since I got my weekends back. But even when I worked/interned 26 days straight in June, we made the best of my limited time. We met Laura and David one evening at B-Dubs and continued our shenanigans at the house. Keegan planned a date night for us the following weekend (4th of July weekend), while Brittany and Justin stayed with us that Saturday evening. We discovered my new favorite bar,  Syntax Spirits Distillery and finished the night on our pebble patio with a bonfire, daiquiris, and a tasty black bean, corn salad with tomatoes, avocado, peppers, lime juice and freshly chopped cilantro.

Drinks with Ben and Amanda after my first week interning and working non-stop
Their fire pit is way cooler than ours
Their fire pit is way cooler than ours
Date night with Keegan a few weeks later.
Date night with Keegan a few weeks later.
Homemade ice cream thanks to my boo and our handy dandy Vitamix
Homemade ice cream thanks to my boo and our handy Vitamix
An unexpected rainbow on my first day off in 26 days 🙂
*Love* this place
The hub
My TN soul mate
Gustav, the large-fluffy-orange cat known for intimidating dogs and dragging baby bunnies to the patio, to their deaths
A new twist on a White Russian
Can’t get enough of this

As if that wasn’t fun enough, we threw together a last-minute 4th of July barbeque. Keegan’s sister and Ben made an appearance along with Ben and Amanda (our neighbors) and Keegan’s former coworker who was moving from Nashville to Los Angeles. Clinton’s charisma and sharp wit left me laughing the entire time. He said he wanted his living room to look very similar to ours, with a jade green, mustard yellow, navy blue and white palette to get started. I was beaming with pride–you know you’re doing something right when a gay man compliments you on your interior decor. On the way out the next morning I told him, “Don’t be surprised when we show up on your door step one day! You owe us now!!” It was truly a pleasure having Clinton stay with us on the 4th. Here’s a few more snippets from the 4th.

Swimming, tubing and chillin
Swimming, tubing and chillin
Katie borrowing the tube lol
Katie borrowing the tube lol
Rio--serving the strongest margaritas EVER
Rio–serving the strongest margaritas EVER
The mist tent was awesome
Keegan said we looked like we were from Cuba bahahaha wtf
Nom nom noms
Nom nom noms
Can you tell I'm hooked on this drink?
Can you tell I’m hooked on this drink?
Clinton wa hilarious
Clinton was hilarious

What's the chances of Amanda having gone to school with Keegan's sister in SoDak, and we just so happen to become neighbors?! Craziness.

What’s the chances of Amanda having gone to school with Keegan’s sister, Katie, and Keegan and I just so happen to become neighbors with Amanda and Ben? Plus Katie and Amanda are both dating guys named Ben? Craziness.

Grillin and chillin
<3 these ladies
❤ these ladies
Who knows lol
My favorite pic from the 4th
My favorite pic from the 4th

Continue scrolling for obligatory summer tunes–not the mainstream shitty type, but the ones we can all appreciate. Here’s a few of my favorite summer anthems: