Rather than grumble about our current social and political unrest here in the United States, I’ve saved some memes to describe my feelings. As one man so eloquently explained on NPR,

I am not “Anti-cop” I am “Anti-injustice” and something’s got to give. We cannot continue as a nation with people of color being treated this way, and I am sick of seeing my brothers and sisters dying by the hands of the law,

Here’s a few things I’ve liked and not liked surfacing across the Internet:

The Good:

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Made me laugh–sad, but true.





The Bad:

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With sweeping generalizations such as “All lives matter” and “You’re an American, starting acting like one”, we ignore the harsh realities of industrialized racism, minimalize the dangers minority groups face and normalize the use of excessive force, while Congressional leaders influenced by the NRA haven’t done a fucking thing to even remotely reduce gun violence in our country. We’re too worried about trans people using the “wrong bathroom” and “Making American White Again“.

The Ugly:

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These last few speak for themselves, but violence on either side of the fence is unacceptable. What I’ve appreciated most over the weekend was Alton Sterling’s Go Fund Me exceeding $648,000 for his children’s college tuition fund, people across the country giving police officer hugs, the group of people protecting the stroller during the Dallas shooting and Snoop Dogg/The Game/Russel Simmon’s efforts to talk directly with law enforcement about beginning a new dialogue. Ya gotta keep in mind–there’s some good people out there.

It’s been a bleak week, but tomorrow’s a new day. In the meantime, here’s this: