Can I just say how much FUN this month has been so far? I know it’s almost over, but seriously, this has been the best month I’ve had out here.

The weekend after Chris moved, Keegan and I found a restaurant called Pellegrini’s, and it’s probably my new favorite restaurant in Greeley. That evening, we prepped the yard for seeding purposes and filled our raised beds with dirt and peat moss. Keegan’s grass in the back yard is gradually sprouting whereas my grass in the front is nonexistent. Go figure. I absolutely love to garden and can veggies, but landscaping is not my forté.

20160508_185241 20160513_131149

If I remember correctly, from right to left we have 4 tomato plants first: Brandywine, Sweet 100, Cherokee Purple (a nice find out here in Colorado), and Early Girl. Next, we have two types of peppers, onions, spinach, strawberries and rhubarb, beans, brocoli, cauliflower, artichoke, several cucumber plants and zucchini. And that’s just my bed. Keegan has corn, beans, squash, lettuce, watermelon, pumpkins and a few other things.

20160507_200052Bowling with Keegan’s coworkers.

Double date to see Unknown Mortal Orchestra at the Aggie

Ever since we caught UMO live, I’ve been totes obsessed. Dude knows how to rip into his guitar which makes for an excellent show, especially considering how the latest album encompasses strong EDM undertones. Ruban is talented, humble and definitely attractive. Here’s a few of my favorite songs:

The acoustic version is just as good.

And last but not least, I’m sharing an interview where Ruban talks about life, death and all things existential. A man after my own heart. Just mention Mr. Nielson’s New Zealand roots, and I’m sold. Can’t get enough of his intelligent quips and sexy accent.

If you scroll to about 6:05 in the first video, things get deep and I love it. Ruban’s insightful description of finding a song resonates with me, as someone who is constantly writing papers for grad school, trying to gather my own thoughts. I don’t attribute anything to God, but when our intuition leads us down a particular path, sometimes we stumble across a few promising gems, and Ruban’s humble attitude regarding the song-writing process leads me to believe he’s in touch with himself. Even his body language and mannerisms in the interview come across as modest and sincere, even if he’s drunk.

Moving right along, we traveled to see Thievery Corporation at Red Rocks the following weekend. It was fun to see Kooch on Friday the 13th and we had a great time! His girlfriend spotted us moments after we entered the gates, so we weren’t alone for long. The hike to the top is grueling, but the show was worth the effort. Culture of Fear and Radio Retaliation had me so hyped.

Beyond the stage, you have a breathtaking view of the landscape with Denver lit up like a field of fire flies.

The sound quality is shitty, but this song gave me legit chills. I’ve been trying to catch Thievery live for FIVE years, and missed them twice–once at Bonnaroo and also at Counterpoint. So I wasn’t about to miss them again! For my first Red Rocks show, they were absolutely incredible. I loved their 20th anniversary tour. I was feeling all choked up and sappy throughout the night.

Hellooo Red Rocks
Red Rocks Museum–had to take a Tool pic


I refused to take pics during the show, because I wanted to enjoy every moment. But towards the end of the night, we snuck downstairs and I snagged a good one. 10,000 people = a sold out show


The following morning, I drug myself out of bed to prep for the Whine and Cheese event. Several friends made an appearance, and boy did we get wasted. Between the assortment of fancy cheeses, crackers, deli meats (which I refrained from–so close to 6 months, no red meat!) chocolate and a random fruit cake, my belly felt content. And that’s not to mention the 11 bottles of wine to choose from, including one from my favorite winery in South Dakota, Prairie Berry. I’m elated to host these types of things, because it feels like I’m back in the South.

20160514_141946 20160514_142011 20160514_164629

And last but not least, I leave you with a baby goat from Happy Life Gardens and a Caught Giving Certificate I received at work. When someone notices you doing a good a job, they award you a certificate with a ten-dollar gift card. Christine’s donation came from the Human Bean (my favorite coffee shop), which pretty much made my day.

Still need to blog about Tika’s visit and our trip to South Dakota, but I doubt it’ll happen before we head to Utah this weekend. Regardless, this month has been awesome, and I am super grateful for our friends, family and music. 20160515_111939 20160519_103837