I’m like 2 papers and one final away from wrapping up this semester, then it’s onto the Maymester and two summer classes. This next month will be so much fun without an internship, but in the mean while we’ve been hanging with our Tennessee friends, Jimmy and Christine and our neighbors across the street.

Last weekend, Keegan got his truck from Carmax. He seemed pretty excited, since the Jeep still runs, so now we have a back-up car for emergencies and something he can tinker with over the summer. That night, we drank with our neighbors across the street and sat around a bonfire for hours. How coincidental is it that the chick across the road was good friends with Keegan’s sister in high school in South Dakota? What a small world.

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Our old roommate began his journey across the country yesterday, so we cooked a going away dinner for Chris, Brittany and Justin Friday night. Brittany and Justin were kind enough to bring us a bottle of wine as a house-warming guest, so we’re up to 6 bottles now. The following day, we helped Chris by cleaning most of the house while he packed and moved his stuff. I’ll miss that house but I sure won’t miss the commute or the tension of living with a third-party as newlyweds. It was fun at times, stressful at others.

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Luckily, Christine text me as we were wrapping up at the house, so we met Christine and Jimmy for drinks afterwards. Jessup Farms didn’t pan out, since apparently they require a reservation, so we wound up at a biker bar–precisely the complete opposite atmosphere of The Farmhouse at Jessup Farms.

Afterwards, Keegan and I headed home to enjoy some Netflix which we haven’t had in almost 2 months. And today, we took Buddy to the dog park. We also worked on lawn plans and how to seed the back yard. Furthermore, we looked for flowers, veggies and shrubs. The gardener in me can’t wait to complete revamp the front and back yards. I feel so excited just thinking about it.

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Time to prep for the upcoming week! I’m also planning for my first Happy Solstice–an effort to become centered, balanced and positive every three months, during the change of the seasons. I’ll share more once I figure out exactly what’s happening. Until then, here’s this: