Another Monday begins tomorrow, and I’m chillin like a villain. We closed on the house a month ago and continue our home improvement efforts. The yard keeps us busy, and we can only avoid the inspection suggestions for so long. On top of everything else, our IKEA furniture arrived, and it was relatively easy assembling the couches ourselves. The guest room needs some work along with the den and zen rooms, but everything looks so much better already. This house is beginning to feel like a home.

20160406_170047_hdr.jpg 20160410_154842.jpg 20160410_154739.jpg 20160410_155710.jpg 20160410_155105-1.jpg 20160410_200521.jpg 20160410_153631.jpg

We’ll fill the barrels holding the posts with potting soil once the cement solidifies and make planters out of the barrels. The yard isn’t nearly finished yet, but it definitely gives me something to look forward to this summer. We were handed a dirt lot, and it’s awesome to start from scratch. They say you ought to create a lifestyle that you don’t need a vacation from, and we’re well on our way. I love reviewing all these unfamiliar mountain plants and learning how to landscape. Sometimes our move to Colorado still doesn’t feel real.

Sometimes I still feel homesick. I explained to Tika yesterday how I’m reaching that point where I talk with my friends back home less and less and I’m hanging with my friends out here more and more. It is so bittersweet. My friend was looking at a house on a street whose name I should have remembered but didn’t. I lived on Bragg Avenue for a year and forgot its name. These feelings of sadness always hit suddenly and unexpectedly, but at least I can listen to Real Estate’s Past Lives without crying like I used to. And I know that I can rely on my closest friends and family to come through, even when they’re far away.

In other news, I had to a complete an assignment in which I interviewed someone in human resources to learn more about career counseling. Even though this class comes with copious amounts of homework, this turned out to be my favorite assignment of the semester. Suddenly I’m wondering, “Should I consider Human Resources work in the future?” This interview was inspiring, to say the least.

I interviewed a man working for a reputable employer in Greeley. What started out as a joke ended up being a very serious discussion. You see, I cut out red meat on January 1st, so I imagined interviewing a protein manufacturing company to be slightly humorous. Turns out, the representative studied under Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in California whom is best friends with Martin Seligman, the Godfather of Positive Psychology. I tried not to appear starstruck, even though I’ve admired Martin Seligman’s work for years, along with Shawn Achor.

The interviewee began on the same trek as me (Clinical Mental Health Counseling) but then completely changed his mind and went for Professional Development/Human Resources and Positive Occupational Psychology. I admire anyone who manages to earn not one but two Master’s Degrees. By the end of our lengthy discussion, the man encouraged me to stay in touch. I asked if my CMHC degree would apply to human resources, and he laughed. “Of course we could work with that. Corporate is always hiring.” Talk about a change of mood–I entered the facility with apathy and left with a hopeful outlook.

I’m consistently indecisive when it comes to my next move–should I land a therapist position with North Range and move up? Would I stay with the ARP Team or transfer to AOP where I prefer to work with correctional/DV populations? Or should I take the private practice route? What about state positions? Or removing myself from nonprofits all together? And now, here lies a Human Resources opportunity that’s available once I earn this degree. Only two semesters left, and I’M DONE!

My internship finally came through last Monday, which was the biggest relief everFirst I was told I could intern with North Range, then someone told me no, then I had to wait over 6 weeks for the final “Yes” again. What an awful long time to wait. It was horrible. I won’t indulge the details, because this is the internet, after all, and I try to keep it classy, but it’s really not cool when the remainder of your year is up to someone else. Regardless, I’m happy to keep my full-time position and internship as originally planned back in February.

Otherwise, life is good! Keegan and I enjoyed a trip to the mountains last weekend, which my achy brain desperately needed. It’s nice to take a break from homework. We’re lucky to live so close to one of the greatest national parks in the country–can’t wait to take our summer visitors for a trip!

20160403_092955.jpg 20160403_105047.jpg 20160403_110533_hdr.jpgAnd last but not least, I found my favorite cheese at Safeway last week! I’ve been searching for Burrata for months with no luck besides Origins, where I tried it in Loveland with Keegan in the first place. We worked on the house all weekend, then this afternoon I decided to take it easy. I soaked in the tub for over an hour, prepped lunch for the week and decorated the Burrata with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, resting on a bed of baby spinach and basil with chopped Cherry tomatoes and toasted cheesy baguette slices on the side.

20160405_170110_hdr.jpg 20160410_185458.jpg

Between this and my Shiraz, cheesecake sampler, fresh strawberries and dark chocolate I’ve hoarded from Arrington for months, this was the best, most decadent dinner I’ve enjoyed it quite awhile. Every now and then, you gotta treat yo self. I’m off to sage the house and read my new Gretchin Rubin book. Here’s to a Happy Monday and maintaining a positive attitude!