Where did this month go? First we were living in Fort Collins anticipating our closing and the next thing we knew, we’re home owners! Keegan’s birthday was the 12th, we closed on our house the 15th and have since relocated. Last Tuesday afternoon, we signed all the paperwork, hastily returned to Fort Collins, packed our basic necessities laid out on the fireplace the night before and traveled back home with our pets. Keegan undertook a few home projects on Saturday morning, such as replacing all the locks, installing a new mailbox, filling a hole near our foundation with dirt, fixing a closet shelf, chopping down tree limbs and buying odds and ends at Lowes. Now that we’ve been here for a week and one day, the place is beginning to feel like home.

You don’t think about all the small purchases before you buy a home–what you think about is a cheaper mortgage versus monthly rent payments. Money back in your pocket and time on your side. But window coverings alone cost a fortune. Between this and our IKEA furniture, I’m broke af. On the plus side, these investments ought to last for years (thanks to sturdy, Swedish furniture), and I seriously can’t wait to sleep in a king size bed instead of a full.

We did the math, and we’re saving about 7 hours on the road per week, now that we live much closer to our jobs. That alone excites me, but having the house to myself without a roommate is like a breath of fresh air. Our pets love the new house, the girls sleep on the stairs and bask in the sunlight beaming through our bay window. This house offers plenty of natural light–something I will never take for granted.

I guess all that’s to say, we made it! The last few days have felt so peaceful and relaxing. In less than a year, we got married, moved to Colorado, landed new jobs and closed on a home. This stretch of time is what I’ve waited for since early last year. We accomplished everything we set out to do, and I couldn’t be happier.

I sleep better at night, I’m eating well and taking pretty good care of myself. Not to mention, our social circles continue to grow and develop. It was nice to see friends for Keegan’s birthday weekend/Saint Patrick’s Day, and last Friday, we met my coworkers for happy hour at Chili’s. I’ve never felt more comfortable settling out here in the Mid-West. 8 months into this move, and we have finally adjusted, for real.

The only thing I miss at this point is my social support back home. Rest assured, I’ll never forget how much my friends and family in Nashville mean to me. I’d give anything for them to be out here celebrating these milestones with us.

First Time Home Buyers
DIY surprises for Keegan
House warming gift for my hubby
Gnar Gnar digging the new vents
Junip’s favorite lounging spot
New cart for additional storage in our contemporary kitchen
First night bar-hopping in downtown Greeley
Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, Colorado–such an adorable mountain town
❤ these ladies
The cutest book store ever
Saint Patty’s Day rooftop drinks at Tony’s
50 Sake Bombs at Osaka in Denver with Katie and Ben before we headed to Ty Segall. They didn’t even check IDs!!
Keegan’s birthday dessert
This morning marked our first major snow storm in the new house. This was my way on the way to work, before I was sent home 30 minutes later.
This morning marked our first major snow storm in the new house. I took this on the way to work, before I was sent home 30 minutes later.