My internship plans fell through today. I suspected this might happen last week, and now I’m reduced to rolling with the punches. The good news is, this could change my current position in ways I’m not allowed to elaborate on at this time. Bad news is, I have to readjust my entire plan for the Summer and Fall semesters. I’m trying to be positive, but quite frankly, I’m exhausted.

I absolutely love my internship with community corrections, so hopefully they’ll keep me the remainder of the year. I’m leading group activities on my own and come Monday, I’ll lead the group for the entire duration of our meeting. These experiences are nothing short of rewarding, serving as a reminder of my love for the “under belly” of society. I truly enjoy working on the therapeutic side of corrections. Watching minor aha-moments unfold as former inmates learn the connections between thoughts, feelings and behaviors can be powerful.

With that being said, I really hope tomorrow goes well. And surely by the end of the week, I’ll figure out where I’ll be working and interning the rest of this year, cause it’s stressing me the fuck out.

All you can do is be strong and move along.