I wish I had time to write shorter posts more frequently. But once a month I find myself trying to recap everything that’s happened, and I’ve forgotten most of it by now.

Had I more time, I’d detail Jason’s Super Bowl Party, Christine’s Marti Gras Party, Valentine’s Day at Loveland’s Fire and Ice Festival (not to mention our scrumptious three course meal Keegan and I cooked together), free date night at BJ’s, brunch at Cafe Panache, and lunch at Spoons. I might also describe Brittany’s birthday last night as our group bar-hopped from Social to Coopersmiths and Town Pump–the last of which is the oldest bar in Fort Collins, owned by Nashville transplants. And last but not least, catching up with Keegan’s coworker’s wife at Wing Shack to complain about our lives felt refreshing, ’cause she’s a social worker that gets it.


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Out of everything that’s happened recently, I still very much enjoy our trips to Origins. This wine bar// pizza den offers amenities galore: Artisan beverages, wine flights, the freshest pizza ever and Burrata Tomato Platters. Can’t beat a sunset hike at Horsetooth, followed by a trip to Origins. What a relaxing Friday night!

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Also, Keegan and I met up with Kooch and Keli for STRFKR and Com Truise at the Aggie, which my soul definitely needed. Music events were such an integral part of our lives in Nashville, and we plan on going to shows more often once we close. In the meantime, we have Ty Segall and the Muggers to see this weekend, plus Thievery Corporation at Red Rocks in May. Woot woot!


On an unrelated note, we took Buddy to the dog park last weekend, and he somehow injured his paw. Luckily, the limp diminished. We can’t afford an unexpected vet bill on top of approaching closing costs. We close in 9 days, and we are too excited. Between this and trying to secure a summer internship, life is nothing short of hectic. But even with all the mounting pressures, I’ve maintained a mostly fantastic mood.

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Working out has lifted my negative spirits, and I’ve started storing crystals in my bra again, holding them close to my heart. I’ll close my eyes and draw a stone or two from my collection. Then, I look them up to read about their benefits. One day I carried clear quartz, lepidolite and rhodonite in my pocket, while another day I meditated with mook jasper and angelite. I’ve also fished out Carnelian with clear quartz to accompany my latest prized possession–a healthy sized Lithium Quartz that I’m learning how to wire wrap.

Since we’re closing next week, I’ve tried some DIY projects that I’ll likely display in our new home. One idea came from Pinterest, but it’s still a work in progress. I also found an item for our living room and finally made time to fill the shadow box I purchased last August with wedding memorabilia. It feels like my efforts to balance “me time” with a developing social life are panning out perfectly.

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Other than that, life is good. Just interning (a post unto itself), working out and drowning in homework. I can’t wait to see how much more free time we’ll have soon, once this awful commute comes to an end.

P.S. If you’re still following the new foods I’m trying every week, click here for updates!