My latest obesh couldn’t come at a better time–the desperate hunt for new tunes paid off. I’ve heard of Father John Misty for a while but never gave him a listen till recently. Keegan insists we’ve heard him before, which is probably true.

Either way, this side of Josh Tillman floats my boat  than Fleet Foxes or his other side project, J. Tillman. I haven’t laughed so hard at someones lyrics since discovering Courtney Barnett. I haven’t cried in my car regarding someones philosophical sentiment since The Shins released Wincing the Night Away in 2007. Here’s a few of my favorite lyrics:

Jesus Christ, girl
I laid up for hours in a daze
Retracing the expanse of your American back
With Adderall and weed in my veins

Oh, pour me another drink
And punch me in the face
You can call me Nancy

The future can’t be real, I barely know how long a moment is

I haven’t hated all the same things
As somebody else
Since I remember

She says, like literally, music is the air she breathes
And the malaprops make me want to fucking scream
I wonder if she even knows what that word means
Well, it’s literally not that

When you’re smiling and astride me
I can hardly believe I’ve found you and I’m terrified by that

they gave me a useless education
And a subprime loan
On a craftsman home
Keep my prescriptions filled
And now I can’t get off
But I can kind of deal




I don’t guess there’s much left to say besides THANK YOU SUBPOP for signing Father John Misty. I can’t get enough of this guy.