My husband and I received the good news on Saturday. From start to finish, it took less than two weeks to find our dream home.

The weekend after my birthday, we contacted our lender, and he set us with two realtors tag-teaming houses together. We met with the duo on Monday, January 18th, to look at three separate houses. None of those worked out–but it’s amazing how photos online can draw you towards a property or propel you in the opposite direction.

For instance, Keegan insisted I give this one particular house a chance (lovingly referred to as “the blue cottage”), and much to my surprise, the exterior design caught my eye when I passed it during my break. The misleading pictures made the house look awful, but it was actually very cute!

On the other hand, we entered this unit to find somewhat squishy floors. Turned out, the foundation began to crumble recently under the carpet. These are the sorts of things the pictures never capture, but the damage felt obvious beneath our feet.

Location weighed heavily on our decisions. We drove by each house before confirming whether or not we wanted to see the properties our realtors suggested, since my disappointment with the first few houses had everything to do with location. No, I don’t want to live near campus nor would I enjoy a crime-ridden area.

We managed to walk through 12 houses in two weeks. We kept a list and nicknamed each property anything from “Brick House in the Ghetto” to “Carpet Diem”. We thought we found “the one” last Saturday and decided to go for it.


We really wanted this house, but it didn’t pan out. We walked through early Saturday morning and rushed home to work on the bid. 10 other couples scheduled viewings after us, but only one other couple actually submitted an offer. We felt hopeful when our realtor called and explained her close connection to the seller’s agent the following day. Our bid was on the table, and now we had to wait. We heard our offer looked good, and even though the seller’s set back our requested quick turnaround, we expected to hear something by noon on Monday.

Noon came and went, and I was practically pacing around my office, waiting for the call. When the phone rang around 3:30, I figured it wasn’t good.

To our dismay, a third party snagged the house. The seller’s managed to secure another offer, mainly because they waited ’till noon on Monday to review the offers rather than Sunday . Needless to say, we felt devastated.

I sulked the remainder of the evening and shook it off by Tuesday morning. Keegan and I heard the horror stories from friends: One friend bid on 30 houses before securing a mortgage while another bid on 17 in Phoenix, Arizona. But all you can do is stay positive and keep trying.

We walked through several more houses, but none were working out. I drove by a house previously deemed “tacky”, out of boredom and curiosity. The house didn’t look so shabby after all. Keegan met me there, and we noticed the house across the street was up for sale, as well. He realized we looked at the house online already, and it was out of our price range, but we googled it again. Come to find out, the price had been reduced. And this house was much nicer than the house we wanted to see to begin with.

I called the seller’s agent, and apparently the house was returning to market in the morning. The seller’s contract with the previous buyers fell through, and the seller was not too happy. We asked our realtors to add this house to the list for the following day, on Thursday.

By Thursday afternoon, the house on Marigold fell under contract. We looked at a gross house on one side of Greeley (which I was obviously not a fan of), followed by the other two houses across the street from each other.

We nicknamed the green and tan house “The Meth House” once we learned from a neighbor that it was stripped to the studs in December. We noticed the property’s history report and someone purchased it at next to nothing and flipped the house in December for an additional $50,000–but we couldn’t tell why. Apparently the house was decontamidated and remodeled due to meth. Our realtors confirmed the sobering news, but otherwise it looked alright and smelled nice.

Since this property backed up to apartments that have allegedly experienced “an influx in criminal activity”, we felt even more confident in the house across the street. This one had a much more private backyard with all the bells and whistles one would hope for in a renovated dwelling.

The pictures didn’t deceive us this time. We entered a magnificent tri-level house, and I told myself immediately, “Don’t get your hopes up.” The last thing I wanted was to feel the same disappointment we experienced last weekend.

We checked out the top-level first, with its beautiful bay window, stainless steel appliances and astounding views of the neighborhood. The cushy master bedroom wasn’t too bad, either.

Then we walked downstairs to see this modern, minimal bathroom with a walk in shower, seafoam green cabinets and gray, wide-plank tiles. The finished basement offered two additional bedrooms, a family room, plus the garage. We left the property in awe. “We can actually afford this”, I thought, but we still had three more properties to view the following day.

Just like the house on Marigold, the “Small, Colonial House”was removed from the market before we could see it. And yet again, I reviewed two houses instead of three. Housing goes quick around here!

I had high hopes for a blue house in Evans, but it was another one of those “the pictures look way better than the house really looks in person” situations. Before I knew it, we submitted another offer on a house last Friday afternoon at about 2:45 p.m. Our realtors advised us to bid quickly to avoid the plethra of scheduled viewings on Saturday. So we requested a quick turnaround of noon on Saturday and hoped for the best.

Saturday morning, I woke up around 8:30 and my phone rang at about 9:30 a.m. Our realtor congratulated us and said, ‘You got the house!”. I yelled “Oh My God” so loudly, my poor cat ran from the room. I dropped what I was doing and drove to our new home.

When I arrived, a realor was showing another couple our house. Little did they know, it had been removed to back-up offers only. I tried not to laugh when they glared at me with Buddy pissing in the front yard. By noon, our house was no longer listed for sale.

So now we’re in the closing process, and it comes with a slew of paperwork. But luckily, we’re cutting our lease early without any penalties. Our landlord is so nice!

Feel free to scroll below for pictures until we get the keys. We can’t wait to lay fresh sod this summer, paint a few rooms and decorate the bay window/window seat. One of my new years resolutions was to get a house this year, and it’s barely Febuary! Shout out to my amazing husband for pushing us to lock it down quickly. I didn’t want to start looking so early in the year, but now I’m really glad we did.

How we landed this house was practically a fluke. If I hadn’t drove past the Meth House and given it a chance, we wouldn’t have noticed the house we got and jumped on it so early. Sure, we would’ve seen it a few days later online, but the quick turnaround that secured our offer wouldn’t have happened, and we might not be in the fortunate position we’re in right now. Timing is everything, and luck played a major role in this equation.

I would’ve never dreamed in a million years I’d soon be living in a house with stainless steel appliances, two living rooms and a walk-in shower downstairs. Plus, both bathrooms have windows for nautral light and ventilation. My favorite coffee shop is within walking distance. Buddy gets a fenced in yard. And the girls will have their super highway downstairs. I can’t think of anything else I could possibly ask for, and I’m eternally grateful to the universe that we wound up with such a beautiful home.

Notice the space above the front door? We shall decorate it, somehow.
Can’t wait to relax and read in the window seat 🙂
They did a great job staging this house
Lovely backsplash and plenty of counterspace
Master bedroom
Second bedroom
Third bedroom…missing a picture of the fourth, but not to worry. It’s a 4 bedroom house.
Loooove the cabinets and tile in the bathroom
The floors look amazing
Yes, that’s a square sink 🙂
014974869_640x480 (1)
Check out that walk-in shower. Niiiiiice.
Working on the back yard this summer 🙂 Can’t wait to set up some raised beds!