I survived last week, and my internship was delayed. I’m secretly relieved–taking on additional responsibilities at work completely romped my ass. Not to mention, Keegan and I recently began house hunting. We reviewed 7 houses with our realtor last week, and we’re eager to see how things pan out!

Besides that, Keegan and I watched Spotlight at the Lyric last weekend with the free tickets I scored unintentionally. We also tried our hand at snow tubing and explored Loveland’s charming downtown last Sunday. Furthermore, Keegan and I started exercising together, and it’s been cool becoming familiar with each other’s gyms until he signs up for mine. In accordance with our exercising efforts, I’ve managed to try quite a few new recipes this month. I’m aiming for 52 by the end of the year and so far, I’m ahead of schedule till I hit a creative lull.

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The gym has become an outlet for stress and it totally feels like a win-win-win. I’m getting in better shape, learning how to use the equipment and reducing my BMI, which is 5 points lower than it was 3 weeks ago. Hooray! That’s what happens when you exercise 4 days a week. My goal was to hit the gym 3 days a week, but until I start interning, I’m taking advantage of this extra free time.

My energy levels have risen, I fall asleep quicker at night, and I can tell I’m becoming stronger. What previously left me feeling breathless and out of shape has become much easier–dumbbell reverse lunges, sumo squats with kettle bells and endless crunches, for example. I would’ve never imagined I’d enjoy going to the gym so often, but I can guarantee you this: I refuse to be the type that quits working out mere weeks into the New Year. It aint happening!

Exhausted but happy
When you walk a half mile for pizza by the slice, the dog tags along