The last 6 weeks were fantastic. We traveled to South Dakota, Utah, Keystone (Colorado) and celebrated my birthday. But all good things must come to an end, right? Not necessarily.

I’ve dreaded tomorrow for quite a while, because my classes start back. My internship begins next week, and my responsibilities at work continue to grow. I’m taking over PASRRs in 2 weeks, co-facilitating groups next week and helping my teammate with one of the most challenging clients I’ve ever met in my life.

All that’s to say, you can either dread the future or learn to embrace your circumstances. No one forced me to go school. It just so happens that everything¬†is happening all at once. And that’s okay. I once juggled a full-time job, part-time job, school AND an internship before I earned my Bachelor’s degree, so surely this can’t be much worse.

Even though the shit’s about to hit the fan, I’m in a pretty good mood. Working out frequently and eating healthy food probably helps. I’m feeling optimistic and determined to enjoy the semester, no matter how busy life becomes.

My zen corner next to our bed equipped with lotion, chap stick, candles, my fitness/resolutions journal and stones for meditation
My zen corner next to our bed with lotion, candles, my fitness journal and lucky Oprah bracelet plus stones for meditation