The New Year kicked off, and everything’s going well. We spent Christmas in South Dakota and consumed more calories than you could ever imagine. Between the Beef Wellington, lefse, sweets and booze, we left happy and full.

My mother-in-law cruelly sent us home with over 10 different types of sweets ranging from sugar cookies to white chocolate dipped peppermint Oreos. She knows we’re trying to do right, but I failed to notice what hid in the massive casserole dish until we reached our house 5 hours later, and I cautiously peeled back the tinfoil, wondering what was underneath. Fuck, I thought. Now I have to eat ALL THESE DELICIOUS COOKIES. (First world probs)

We took the cookies and stocking stuffer snacks with us to Moab, Utah the following weekend. Keegan and I traveled about 6 hours for our first trip to visit our Western neighbors. Turns out, Utah is absolutely beautiful. Colorado spoils us, and if another state can measure up to the beauty out here, that’s impressive.

As soon as you reach the state border, the scenery changes completely, and suddenly the mountains disappear (aside from the random La Sal Mountains), flat land introduces itself, and gigantic plateaus much larger than the ones in Wyoming begin to surface, while canyons lie dormant just beyond the horizon. What an eclectic part of our country. Utah doesn’t look anything like I assumed.


We managed to see two national parks and one state park in 2 days. First, we started at Arches National Park. Then, on Saturday, we traveled to Canyonlands National Park (which is absolutely epic) and Deadhorse Point State Park. My longstanding suspicions were confirmed: I love the Southwestern landscape. I’ve been dying to see this part of the country for years, and Utah is only the beginning. We will definitely explore the West this summer.


Aside from traveling, my birthday’s around the corner. Keegan has something planned, and Lord only knows what it is. We’re taking our skiing lessons in February, and he promised we’re not skiing twice. I’m hoping for a luge excursion,  but I know whatever he has in mind is bound to be fun.

And last but not least, I started working out!! I fearlessly conquered the gym 4 times last week and twice this week, so far. I’m learning new things everyday, and I refuse to be the type that cancels her membership 2 weeks into the new year.

Here’s some more pictures from Utah. We spent our 6th New Years Eve together, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have the perfect husband by my side for the 6th year in a row. I plan to update my readers regarding New Years Resolutions, but for now I want to read and cuddle with Junip.