We leave for Colorado in 6 days, and it doesn’t even feel real. We secured the moving truck, received the cat’s sedatives, and packed the bathroom, kitchen, basement and closet items. Not too much longer before we hit the road in hopes of a brighter, more prosperous future–an opportunity removed from the rednecks of the middle Tennessee area. I’ll sure miss my friends and family, but my patience has worn thin with the South and those touting the racist Confederate Flag. Lord knows I’m more than ready for a change.

But let’s be real. I’m much more concerned with leaving my loved ones behind than worrying about the tea partyers. Our strong network of social support will be hard to come by out west, even though the handful of Tennessee Friends we have in Colorado have already established ties.

Today it began to hit me. We’re really doing this. We’re moving to Colorado next week, a day earlier than expected. Holy shit! A new chapter of our lives lurks around the corner. Something I’ve dreamed of for years manifests into fruition. I can’t fucking believe it.

I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m joyful, I’m teary-eyed, I’m calm and overwhelmed all at once. I damn near cried planning one of my last hangs with Tika, aside from our going-away party. And I also wanted to cry as my brother and I shopped at Stone Keepers. I bought a stone for protection for the road trip that I plan to wrap myself.

I’m calling everyone I can think of to hang before we leave: Family, Tika, Nichole, Jessica, the other Jessica, Candi, Jenn, Erika. Matthew, Sadie, Caitlin (even though she lives with us), Stephanie, Clint, Casi, and several others. As Feist so sweet-fully cooed, “I feel it all, I feel it all”, and that’s essentially how I feel.

Garden Green Beans
More tomatoes
Pressure cooking experiments range from testing tomato tactics to pitting, peeling and processing peaches for a cobbler.
What a feat to accomplish
They sink once cooled
Bourbon soaked peaches in a homemade cobbler. Winning!
Vegan black bean salad

Besides adventures in the garden and the kitchen, my last day of work wrapped up last week. I’ll miss my cozy office, amazing co-workers and residents. Our team had lunch at Calypso to celebrate Traci’s birthday and mine and Brian’s departure.

Peace out UHS
This beaut landed a new job the day after I left. Congrats!
Yummy Calypso Goodness
A random and lovely Murfreesboro sunset
Napping with Junip
Sweet soul
Fetch at the park
Joe’s Crab Shack with Caitlin before we walked the pedestrian bridge and caught Magic Mike opening weekend

The 4th of July was sad without my husband, so I stayed as busy as possible 🙂 First, my friend Sadie and I hiked Stillhouse Hollow Falls in search of shade and waterfalls. Buddy enjoyed the trek, despite the expected downpour we suffered on the way back to the car.

Baby waterfall
Chilling behind Stillhouse Hollow Falls
Fun times
Selfie game on point

My last minute 4th of July plans couldn’t have panned out more perfectly: Clint and Alan work for AT&T, the tallest skyscraper in Nashville, so we took a trip to the top floor. We avoided the crowded streets and steady rain. We pretended to be the 1%, peering down on Nashville with the best view possible. We watched Martina McBride and landed front row seats to a spectacular firework show.

Martina McBride

And before we left for our beach trip, Keegan scored the house! He left for 3 weeks and returned last Friday after a vigorous house-hunting adventure and training for his new position in Greeley. Our house sits near Colorado State University within walking distance to several bars and shops in Fort Collins. Can’t wait to ride my bike more often and live in a city!

Home sweet home

(I relate to these lyrics, but what’s even cooler is our friend Clayton’s band Bully blowing up overnight)

While Keegan was gone, my mom and I ventured to North Carolina to stay with her cousin Susan. We drove to Susan’s inland house initially then booked it to her beach house in Morehead City. Between the food, the boat, the shopping, the swimming, and the snoozing, I had the most relaxing vaca ever.

Oceana Pier
Pics or it didn’t happen
Sneaking the booz
Half awake but ready to shop
Pre-gaming as we take the boat to lunch 🙂
Driving to lunch on the beach
Parking near the restaurant
This boat made our boat feel small
Searching for sea-shells at night
Another amazing seafood place called the Ruddy Duck
Ocean love
Wishing I was a mermaid
The storm before we left for Asheville
Asheville: You’re beautiful
It’s too bad we only spent a few hours here
And last but not least: Susan’s inland cottage
Aaand the beach house

So like 5 days after the beach trip, Keegan made it back home!! And of course, I had to take more pictures. He landed at the airport, I swooped him up and we headed for Istanbul, one of our favorite restaurants. Then, we walked Buddy on the pedestrian bridge and watched Trainwreck opening night.

Friday stroll
Love the architecture
Gateway Bridge
Yay, my baby’s back

Last Saturday, Keegan and I met Wes and Mary Beth for breakfast at Nashville Biscuit House, a not-so-hidden East Nashville Gem. The biscuits and gravy were probably the best I’ve ever had. Afterwards, we continued to pack and met with friends for my last trip to the vineyards 😦

Love my peeps
Since Amber works at Arrington, she snagged me a free flight!
Sadie Boo
Pics with the bridesmaids 🙂
He loves me
From Dominos to bffs
So much love for these two
“Relax” and sneak in wine to drink with the rest of your wine
Perfect Arrington Sunset
Grilling at the lake on Sunday with Keegan and friends

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re eating nonstop. As our time in Tennesee dwindles, we find ourselves eating breakfast or lunch with someone different everyday. Except for Candi. We actually managed to hang out without the involvement of food.

On Monday, we had Gabby’s with Dan, which by the way, was THE best burger I’ve ever had in my life. What a shame to recently discover this place, and I’ve bragged about The Pharmacy for years. Pharmacy can’t come close to Gabby’s!! Gabby’s was so good, we went back yesterday with my Dad to show him what’s up.

We also grabbed Carrabba’s with my Dad, Chris and Granny on Tuesday. Plus Keegan took me to Noshville for brunch before I met with Erika for coffee Wednesday evening. And to top it all off, Sadie brought my makeup bag I left in her car on Saturday after I met with Erika. Can you tell I’m trying to squeeze in as much “friend time” as possible? This doesn’t include Nichole’s unexpected visit yesterday, bushwackers with Jess this afternoon at 3 Crow or Dan’s show at Stonefox. There’s so much more happening than I have time to explain, so the buck stops here.


That’s about all I can think of for now, as I write to the new Tame Impala album and imagine what the future holds in store for us. Aside from visiting with loved ones and nonstop packing, I hope to can some more tomatoes, preserve my wedding flowers, upload more wedding videos, and wrap my very own Lithium Quartz. I also hope to blog one last time before we move, but since we have plans every single day between now and the 30th, that may or may not happen. So I’m leaving my readers with Real Estate’s Past Lives–an appropriate tune to describe all the feels.