So much to do, such little time. But I’ve forced myself to reserve an hour for writing a post. I need more than limited evidence of my thoughts and feelings leading up to one of the important days of my life, cause if I don’t write it down, I’m bound to forget. My heart overflows with gratitude, and I currently feel more at peace than I have in years.

Tomorrow’s my last day of work, and the weekend approaches quickly. I’m ready to have a good time and take a break–to finally reap the rewards of our diligent efforts. We expect a few family members to arrive tomorrow, but the chaos really kicks in on Thursday. First is my nail appointment with the bridesmaids, then Brittany and Justin land at the airport, and Keegan agreed to grab our Cocktail Hour Hor D’oeuvres from Cocoa’s Italian Market that afternoon while I pay for the 30 bottles of champagne elsewhere. Then, I’m scheduled for a last-minute consult with our florist, and my Aunt Nikki’s meeting us for dinner following her drive from Brunswick.

Friday I’m meeting Erika for coffee. Then Keegan and I pack EVERYTHING we can think of pertaining to the wedding. Keegan’s mom reserved us a room at a swanky hotel while Greg has agreed to watch the house and the cats. Dad’s responsible for the dog. At least one of Keegan’s siblings arrives Friday, maybe two. I know there’s more to do on Friday, but besides my first Reiki appointment in over a year, I can’t think of much else. Oh wait, we’re putting flowers together at Tika’s house Friday night, duh.

Saturday includes the rehearsal dinner and plenty of time with family and friends. When you stem from a divorced household, you learn to cherish those rare moments when aunts and uncles from both sides of the family make an appearance. I honestly can’t remember the last time both my parent’s siblings were all together all at once. This is something I especially looking forward to. And on a lighter note, I can’t wait to choose between 5 different types of cupcakes from Nashville’s finest cupcake makers, The Cupcake Collection. Between this and our exquisite selection of breakfast items, no one can come between us and that buffet. There’s truly so much to be excited for, I can’t remember everything, sort of like how I called my Granny earlier but couldn’t remember why. If it wasn’t for getting married, I would feel like Julianne Moore in Still Alice.

As I mentioned how peaceful I’ve felt recently, it’s worth noting that my present-moment focus has heightened and sharpened in the last several weeks. Whereas I might have dwelled on the past or worried about the future last year, 2015 has brought us nothing but great fortune and a tremendous amount of social support. My mind is finally where it should have been a long time ago. I’ve learned to lighten up and not take life so seriously; I’ve learned to appreciate the fleeting solitude that comes with keeping my mind in this very sacred moment, step by step and breath by breath. All in all, this year has turned out absolutely amazing. My dreams of running an Etsy Shop have flourished, our garden looks better than ever, the wedding is this weekend, and our honeymoon to follow. Not to mention, we hit the road in August to Colorado. I can’t even imagine how these next few days might turn out, but for now, I’m enjoying tonight. Scroll down for a few recent pictures leading up to the wedding, beginning with the bachlorette weekend in Atlanta.

Courtesy of Tika
Ready to go out
Shopping with my kindergarten best
My madre โค
Selfies in the Uber
Macaroons in ATL
Can’t even remember where these drinks came from.
Squid-ink Linguine, and yes, it was good
Surprise trip to the Melting Pot for cheese, chocolate and more adult beverages
Two of my lovely bridesmaids
My other half
And my other other half: I’m made into thirds
Maybe fourths
Sunday Funday on the lake outside Atlanta

My Bachlorette weekend couldn’t have worked withoutย the support of my girls. But somehow 7 of us made it safely to Atlanta and back, an adventure I’ll never forget. Once settled and unpacked in our 3-story urban, industrial-feeling condo, Uber took us to Six Feet Under (cleverly named after the cemetery across the street), then we walked to Republic Social House and Tin Lizzy’s Contina–a wildly popular local tequila bar. And after we made our mark on that strip, we went home to drink some more. The following morning led us to Lenox Square Mall for some swanky high-brow shopping, including my macaroon find–one of the highlights of my weekend. Then, the girls surprised me with reservations to La Tavola Trattoria, you know, the best authentic Italian restaurant in Atlanta. The atmosphere on the rooftop with herb gardens surrounding us used to flavor a variety of concoctions was an experience that Keegan will find hard to top in the future. And as if that wasn’t awesome enough, my friends took me to The Melting Pot later on, followed by a lingerie party with epic drunken dance moves. The girls also had a “TP wedding dress contest” in which they paired up, and one stood still while the other attempted to roll her in toilet paper to make a dress in under 2 minutes. Needless to say, the results were hilarious. The night carried on with excessive amounts of alcohol and not one but two porches to soak in the night-time city life from several stories above the bustling streets.

My mentality after Atlanta



Aside from our trip to Atlanta, our back-porch garden thrives to no avail. Haven’t posted many pics from the last few weeks, but the tomatoes ought to be ready for pickin’ any day, and the squash was tasty for dinner. I’ve enjoyed watching the beans grow with the corn along with all the herbs and flowers, too many to name at this point.

4 tomato plants
Had this Squash for dinner Sunday evening ๐Ÿ™‚
Cherry tomatoes
My coworkers love me, and the feeling is so mutual
I sadly forgot the name of this beauty


Container Corn hahahaha
The tomatoes have taken over!!
Old pic, everything is much bigger now
Baby Swiss Chard last month
Arizona Sun Blanket Flowers
Striped Petunias
Squash flowering several weeks ago


It’s nearing my bedtime, but I can’t fall asleep without the mention of Galactic Expo. I had to miss this wonderful New Age gathering last year when we traveled to Hangout Fest, but this year I returned for my third Aura Photography experience. Plus, it’s fun to shop local, and I finally found a wire-wrapped Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal, which is such a rare gem. I wear it for protection while relying on the ancient wisdom of the Lemurian people, ultimately producing calming, healing energy through the activation of the stone. This necklace is a gift, a truly rare treasure to stumble upon, and I plan to wear it as often as possible.

Three years of Aura Photography


And last but not least, here’s a photo-dump of random tidbits:

My precious
Craft fair set-up in East Nashville with my coworker across the way ๐Ÿ™‚
The view when you exit the county clerk’s office. I insisted on getting the marriage certificate in Murfreesboro, even though we live in Nashville
Drinks to celebrate the marriage certificate AND Keegan’s new job!!
The Boulevard never lets us down
Camino Real with several lady friends afterwards
Yum, love going out for Ladies’ Night ๐Ÿ˜€
3 pitchers later……
Sadie’s sister’s Ph. D Graduation Party–super swanky
That moment when your friend buys you coffee, so you wind up with two
Best pizza ever
Bridesmaid and groomsman in our friend’s wedding last year. This weekend, it’s our turn ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve noticed my blog’s reached nearly 30,000 views so whoever’s watching, thanks! Stay tuned for the next major chapter: Tying the knot and marrying the love of my life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. With eternal peace and a positive mindset, I suppose anything is possible. For us, the sky’s the limit.