The last week has felt like such a blur. I thought once school was over life would slow down, but no, that’s not the case. As the wedding looms closer, we’re spending more time planning than ever before.

But today symbolized how hard work pays off. My best friend Tika busted her ass to pull this party together. From decorating our private room at Atmalogy, to all the food she made from scratch, the bridal shower turned out quite lovely. We gave away Bath n Body Works prizes to those who won the games, and Matthew brought his Bose speaker so we could listen to my Bridal Shower Spotify playlist.

And might I mention how we had a perfect mix of practical and thoughtful gifts? The coffee maker neared the top of my most-wanted-items on the registry since our current one leaks all over the counter. And Nichole’s Milestone Basket consisting of 3 bottles of wine (one for our wedding night, one for our first night in Colorado and the last for our first wedding anniversary) just about had me in tears. Another unexpected tearful moment was when my Granny asked me to take a picture of her with my Grandma. My parents are divorced, so it’s truly a rare occurrence for both my grandmothers to be in the same room, let alone the same photograph.

Private space at Atmalogy in Nashville
TIka shooed me out; she was still setting up.
Food and gifts
Candi made the best cupcakes and cake pops!
Tika discreetly passed this around for friends and family to sign. Another sentimental idea, and now I have a new journal!


Let’s play a game

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wpid-imag6360.jpg wpid-imag6361.jpg

Overall, I would deem this weekend successful. I purchased Keegan’s ring, took my aunt to the venue and explained what all the “greeter responsibilities” entailed. My brakes were finally replaced, and as of a few days ago, I’m tanning and running almost daily. Although I’m ethically against tanning and mostly try to avoid blatant exposure to melanoma, the wedding has become an exception. I forgot how relaxing tanning can be. And I always leave the salon feeling like such a girl.

Last weekend, I worked on bridal shower plans and finished drafting the officiant’s spiel for the ceremony for him to review. I also enjoyed a makeup sesh with a friend at the mall. Oddly enough, after posting the trial run photo, some unfamiliar creeper lurking on my page “liked” a comment I made in regards to my friend. I have a feeling I know who it is, but now that the profile’s blocked, this should no longer be a problem.

Besides that, life is peachy. Next week marks the final stretch of ordering things online before the ceremony–time is ticking, and we hope for everything to ship on time, including the party favors. This engagement process has taught me to relax and ease up, not because I want to, but because I have no choice.

I coin each year with a “theme”, some sort of lesson I learn to embrace. Last year was balance. I had to balance a job with school, something I hadn’t juggled in several years. I also had to balance time with friends and Keegan. Our first year living together (including the latter half of 2013) was a learning lesson entirely unto itself. You learn to adapt to another human’s style of living and develop rituals, such as dedicating Sunday’s to grocery shopping and epic breakfast, and taking Buddy to the park after work.

This year’s theme is patience. When things don’t go exactly as planned, one must remain patient. Sometimes I feel super stressed out between the wedding, working, tons of homework last semester, my somewhat successful Etsy endeavors and the move to Colorado. But patience reminds me to refrain from becoming wound-up. To relax is to be patient. Bridechilla is the new mantra.

In closing, here’s another wonderful TED Talk. Jenna McCarthy’s causal, witty discussion provides comical relief to those of us in the throes of engagement hell (just kidding, it’s actually pretty awesome). Check out this brief lecture about love and marriage.