How is it Tuesday already? From Die Antwoord at Marathon to date night at Loveless, the fleeting weekend ended on a seemingly short note.



But at least we accomplished a lot. I chose to focus on accessories: My shoes, the garter and veil. Although I can’t divulge too many deets, the garter turned out well. And adding embellishments to the veil felt like a piece of cake. Our “Secret DIY Projects” continue to develop and take shape. My inner-crafting-nerd squeals with delight each time we knock off a major to-do. The veil should be finished once I meet with the bridesmaids again to work on their flower crowns.


We met with Ryan on Saturday to talk specifics regarding the actual ceremony. We feasted over crawfish, corn, Cajun-flavored rice and beer. As if it’s not nice enough for Ryan to officiate the wedding, he insisted on hosting lunch.


Keegan’s working on several projects for the wedding, a few of which he completed this morning. It’s amazing how involved and helpful my future husband’s been in the wedding planning. Most guys duck out while Keegan dove in. I love him so much.


And on a side note, we appreciate his mother’s efforts in coordinating rehearsal dinner plans. With all hands on deck, we couldn’t be happier with the tremendous outpouring of love and support from our friends and family. We truly lucked out with our wedding coordinator, officiant and musical guests agreeing to help for free. Our wedding has literally become a “family affair”.

Since my homework’s eased up in recent weeks, I now have time to do things like go to Clint’s show tonight with Keegan, Sadie, Dustin, Kooch, Casi, and Keli. And I really can’t wait for Pigeon Forge this weekend with Keegan, Wes and several of their friends.

The time change has most certainly revitalized my spirit with extra hours of sunlight. Back porch dinners prove relaxing with the gentle breeze and sounds of wildlife. I’m grateful to reconnect with friends, especially on weekday nights. It’s so convenient how Kooch’s new girlfriend lives minutes down the road from us in Nashville.

Otherwise, there’s not much to discuss. Just working, studying, crafting and sleeping (plus self-medicating with wine when available).


Here’s an unrelated TED Talk discussing menstrual cycles, PMS and how stigmas related to supposed symptoms negatively impact a woman’s ability to be taken seriously: