Another weekday night winds down. I’m ahead of my homework this week, and the “Etsy Madness” (as I call it) has settled down. Plus wedding plans are coming together quickly. And with each passing day, I notice progress. From time management skills to diet and exercise, my life finally feels as if it’s flowing correctly. Everything feels calm.

Snow Day with the boys at Centennial Park
Snow Day with the boys at Centennial Park
Cori's Doghouse
Cori’s Doghouse

We’re celebrating Keegan’s birthday this weekend. I wish I could describe the plans, but I can’t in case he reads this post. In any case, I hope he’s excited about the surprise.

As far as last weekend’s concerned, I ran a booth for the first time at a local craft fair. Turned out to be a fairly interesting experience. On Saturday, I nervously hovered over my products as if expecting thousands of people to break down the gymnasium doors in a frantic panic over who could get their hands on my headbands first. Too bad this wasn’t the case.

Instead, I didn’t make a single sale until my second hour drew to a close. A woman’s young child ran to my booth asking her mom to buy something. I made my first profit just like that; not because I eagerly greeted the two with an overenthusiastic “HI!! How are you doing today?!”, but because I was sitting around bored talking with Keegan about the similarities between our new favorite show, The Last Man on Earth and our personal lives. I made that first sale out of the blue. Suddenly, this random realization struck me like a ton of bricks, as if someone urgently whispered in my ear, “Stop trying so hard, and be yourself”.


By this point, I learned to sit and appear comfortable versus pacing back and forth with anticipation. But after my first sale, I decided to lean back and lay low. No need to acknowledge every single person that walks past the booth. There’s almost nothing you can do to convince someone to purchase your products, I soon learned. Just set up your best look, put forth your best effort but stop trying so hard. It’s really okay to not divulge in every minute detail of your product. By the end of the day, I felt older and wiser, to a certain degree. I can’t wait to set up shop again. And I’m eternally grateful for Keegan agreeing to spend his entire Saturday with me in support of my ambitions. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Blame it on the time change, but I feel especially chipper this week. I’ve enjoyed the biweekly meet-ups with the bridesmaids and watching our plans mold, develop and take shape. Tonight Keegan and I decided on our honeymoon plans which makes this week even more exciting!!!

Wedding Purchase

As if that’s not cool enough, I’m taking the lead in a community gardening project for one of our properties. I am truly beyond ecstatic to hear what ideas the residents deliver and see how we can make their vision happen.

I guess that pretty much sums up life for now. Can’t wait to celebrate Keegan and Casi’s birthday’s this weekend! Looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Winery Necessities
Winery Necessities

Side note: Here’s a random Ted Talk I recently discovered. Jennifer Senior’s eloquent and witty abilities to describe the uneasiness of parenting in a modern world resonated with me and actually came to feel reassuring.