Life feels like a blur lately. It wasn’t until Caitlin proclaimed “You’re getting married!!!” on Friday that I realized how quickly this engagement phase will pass. I try to take a moment, about once a week, to record the thoughts and feels. These are the things I might want to reread one day. It’s sad how I’ve barely had time to process all the changes, and the wedding will be here before we know it.

Mid-terms are coming up this week. I feel pretty good about it–I’ve made A’s on the last 4 quizzes between 3 classes. Also, my very first craft fair is in March. I’ll be happy just to break even. 🙂 For those unaware, I have an Etsy Shop. Feel free to check out. . .

On my rare off days without homework, my thoughts feel scattered as if I’m suffering from ADHD. Our wedding to-do list continues to grow longer as the gap between now and the ceremony grows smaller. Still need to post about 20 new headbands and hair ties. AND we found season 7 of Parks n Rec on demand for free, so this has consumed much of my time.

The good thing is, despite feeling busier than usual, I’ve learned to consolidate the hours. Right now, we have sweet honey barbecue wings slow cooking for dinner tonight. The wings should sustain us the next few days. After dinner, I’m making greek yogurt chicken salad for lunch this week, along with pita chips and grapes.

On a side note, I’ve been trying to….take better care of myself? Let’s hope these habits of eating better, exercising and attempting to wear makeup actually stick. Since the snow storm last week, I purchased several books to read for pleasure. What a relief it’s been to take about an hour of “me” time each day.


Throughout the wedding process, I’ve come to learn a few things.

1. You’d be surprised how many people try to influence your ceremony. Prepare to feel yourself pulled in all directions. And learn to balance that fine line between sticking to your guns versus graciously compromising.

2. You’re expected to “pin your heart out”. After prompted by several friends, I started digging for wedding ideas on Pinterest. Several hours later with dried out, salty eyes, I finally put my phone away and went to bed. The possibilities are endless.

3. The Coupon Gods will bless you with an endless supply of ads. People you’ve never even heard of begin to call. David’s Bridal will flood your mail box. Tip: Unless you actually want the ads, give out a fake e-mail address, or decline to provide the information all together.

4. You become keenly aware of wedding-related entertainment. The first movie I purposely sought after our engagement was Bridesmaids. And I sing with my girl Etta James during long commutes from Nashville to Madison. Oddly enough, certain ads stand out much more than they used to. I never noticed all these Spring wedding commercials until we got engaged. Go figure.

5. The tiniest details matter. Between the centerpieces and decor, dinner menu, music, party favors, the bridal shower/bachlorette party, honeymoon, rehearsal dinner, and the ceremony itself, it’s a lot to take in.

6. Nothing is ever done one certain way. When it comes to planning the ceremony, you start with a clean slate.There’s so much room for creative, original ideas.

7. Your friend time matters more the older you get. It’s been refreshing to take a break from wedding-planning and crafting by hanging out with my lady friends on the weekends. Plus it was nice to get together for Stephanie’s birthday. I know one day when we move to Colorado I might wish I had dedicated more time to friends before we left. All the more reason to reach out in the meantime.

That’s all I can think of for now. Hence the “Ramble On” reference.

The moment Junip leaped from Caitlin’s lap
Bento box date night with my boo
Transgender Visibility March in Nashville with Sadie