Ladies and Gentleman,

I am proud to present my new Etsy adventure:

The website has been up and running for about 5 weeks, but I have yet to dedicate a single blog post related to the subject. If you don’t feel like copying and pasting the website above, click here to be redirected.

I make hair ties and headbands and might possibly try to sell new crafts in the future. I’m incredibly excited to reach over 50 items in the shop, and as soon as my new display materials arrive in the mail, I will post a plethora of headband photos. Over the last few days (thanks to the hazardous weather conditions in the Nashville area), I have been forced to stay home and take time off work. The good news is, I managed to make 168 headbands. And with my very first craft fair coming up in a few weeks, I can’t wait for more advertising opportunities.

Please continue to scroll for photos of the hair ties. And also, feel free to comment or leave your e-mail address if you have any questions regarding custom orders, which I am more than happy to fulfill.

All proceeds benefit our wedding fund and the move from Tennessee to Colorado, coming soon!il_570xN.708991971_uoxh il_570xN.717138611_alxz il_570xN.719308915_pmpb il_570xN.728898705_9e3k il_570xN.729771744_o01r il_570xN.729783614_qv5o il_570xN.729786048_3mtl il_570xN.729789764_q50z il_570xN.729906759_299h il_570xN.729925335_r56p