So much has happened the last few weeks, I can hardly remember much. Just catching up on major deets: My classes are bearable. My Etsy Store has 7 sales and counting. Wedding planning consumes my life. And I’m grateful for girl time when it’s available.

For Psychopathology: Diagnoses and Treatment, the assignments feel like second nature after having drafted assessments and services plans for years. Mental Health and Psychopathology doesn’t feel so overwhelming since I’ve read the same DSM chapters repeatedly. And the Psychopathology course for Children and Adolescents course nearly as challenging as the first two.

My Etsy Shop is doing well! I’m fortunate to receive purchases from total strangers. So far, I’ve signed up for one craft fair taking place in East Nashville and hope to be approved for a second opportunity in Franklin, Tennessee. *fingers crossed* I’ve made about $25 with Etsy transactions so far, but I imagine my products will sell better in person. Click here to see what’s available for sale. And check back with the site in about a week. I’ll be updating photos of the headbands once more supplies arrive in the mail.

As mentioned previously, my mind remains consumed with wedding details. Yesterday my mom, grandma, the bridesmaids and our hair stylist Casi joined me at the venue for a late lunch after the girls picked out their dresses from David’s Bridal. And each lady received a thoughtfully constructed Bridesmaid folder (most details to come later). It was truly a pleasure to see the venue in person and to gather ideas for how to decorate the outdoor alter. I’m lucky to have resourceful, creative bridesmaids. I wish I could post photos, but I refuse to give away major deets so early.

By this point we have tackled the following:

Purchased the dress and rings

Venue picked out/date&time set in stone

Fancy Rehearsal dinner–reserved

Determined the bridesmaids/groomsmen/ring bearer/flower girl/officiant/musical performances

Colors and theme picked out

Decided on flowers and practiced making our own bouquets 

Centerpieces set in stone

Outdoor decor ideas have been established

Alter decorations are done

Paid our professional photographers and secured the date

Wedding invites went out last week

Completed 2 free sessions of engagement photos

Engagement party up next

Planning the bachlorette party

Registry officially online

Considering the fact we have only been engaged for about a month, I’d say we’re doing well do far! Besides that, our supervisors are now aware of us moving to Colorado. We both plan to begin scouring the job market out west in a few weeks.

So now can you see how girl time keeps me sane? Between movie night with Sadie, brunch with Erika at Sky Blue Cafe and Lipstick Lounge with Jess and Beth, I would be lost without my girls. Super stoked about hosting tipsy craft night and hanging with co-workers this evening. Plus catching up with Tika several time per week in person helps fuel my momentum to keep planning the wedding. I’m really looking forward to our engagement party that Tika has graciously agreed to host. I can’t wait to gather with friends and family, play some games and enjoy tasty appetizers.

Aside from girl time, we try to remain consistent with our date nights. From ice skating in Antioch to the Greenway in Nashville, we try to keep our weekends lively and exciting.

Lastly, we nursed a sick cat back to health in our basement. Her name is Ms. Kitty, and the sherbet-orange bundle of fluff needs a home. We hope Keegan’s co-worker takes her tonight. She suffered a severe eye infection in both eyes. And she also had an upper respiratory infection. Still. our little fighter perked up over the last few days, and she looks much better than how I found her.

First Etsy Sale
A glimpse of the bridesmaid’s folders
Love her
Outdoor exercise
More exercise at the ice rink
Our three fur-babies piled on the couch
Ms. Kitty’s evaluation