Lately life consists of countless lists and double-checking every decision we make. Wedding date? Yes. Venue? Booked. Guest list drafted, engagement party planned but invites have yet to be sent for the wedding. If I wasn’t out of town this weekend, we would have more time, but for now it’s relieving to take a brief break from wedding planning.

While most people my age are probably getting wasted tonight, here I am enjoying the solitude of a solo vaca in Martin, Tennessee. As some of you know, I’m currently a full-time graduate student earning a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. But since I go to school online, this marks my very first trip to the university.


Thursday I drove three hours but not without a quick stop at Starbucks near Old Hickory, where I redeemed my free birthday beverage. Who doesn’t appreciate unexpected treats?

Then, I arrived to campus a few hours later and quickly became acquainted with classmates whom I’ve spoken with numerous times on the discussion boards online. It’s truly been a pleasure to put a face with so many names.

So often I set the bar high for myself (like why can’t I work full-time, go to grad school full-time, plan a wedding and a move and somehow manage an Etsy shop all at once? What is wrong with me?) but then I show up to this mandatory counseling residency (described in more detail on the UTM website) and suddenly I realize just how far I’ve come along in my academic career. I recently turned 27 years old while the second youngest candidate is 35. Maybe I should be grateful for the unique opportunity to remain in the counseling program while they finalize plans for the new specialization in the fall.

I’m taking the leap and striving to graduate with an emphasis in Student Affairs and College Counseling (SACC) The ultimate goal is to, obviously, become a university counselor. So once we move to Colorado, I’ll begin my practicum in Spring 2016 followed by my first internship in the summer and the last in the fall. I can’t wait to get in the field and get my feet wet. Plus, with us landing in Colorado, surely the internships will guide the process of gaining new friends and making new contacts in the Social Work/Psychology realm.

As if that news wasn’t awesome enough, I met with my adviser yesterday to discuss my academic future. Dr. Maniss switched a few things around so I can take a break from classes this summer. Hallelujah!!! This gives us more time to plan the wedding and I’m especially ecstatic to make more time with family and friends before we leave.

Well, I wish I could remember everything I wanted to blog about. But when you’re running on limited sleep it’s all you can do to keep your eyes open. I sold my first item on my Etsy shop today, which feels AWESOME. Check out this link if you wish to review my site.

A glimpse of the inventory


It’s reaching the point where I rarely have time to blog. Things like lunch with my former coworkers and and an in-depth review on Moustos in Union City tend to fall by the way side. I have yet to post our engagement photos or brag of how my car insurance dropped $45 for seemingly no reason. But I did come across Big Cypress State Park this afternoon, which is worth mentioning.


We’ll see how much longer I stick it out with blogging, but while I’m applying to local craft fairs at the chance to sell more Etsy products, my therapeutic block of time each week (dedicated to blogging) might have to be postponed until further notice.