How often have people referenced this sentiment? You know, “New Year, New Me”?


Well I’m here to tell you I’m one of them. I can’t help it. Something about the start of a new year truly revitalizes my energy. Sure, I’ve dreaded this day for weeks with classes kicking off, but I’ve still managed to list about 15 new items in my Etsy Shop.

That’s right….my Etsy Shop is officially registered for business! The formal “Grand Opening” takes place this Sunday on my birthday, Januray 11th. OF course I don’t expect this venture to reach triumphant success overnight, but I do intend to start focusing on marketing strategies beginning next week.

You can expect a post solely dedicated to the Shop (named Simple Magic), so stay tuned.

In other news, that makes one my New Years Resolutions, complete! One small yet brag-worthy step in the efforts to move out west. My boyfriend started his second job a few days ago, too, so financially things are looking up.

In regards to physical health, one goal was to schedule several appointments with various helping professionals ranging from my PCP to the dentist, optometrist and Ob Gyn. So I met with my new OB at Vanderbilt, and her appearance strongly favors that of Kristen Wiig. Just thought you should know.

I think I also mentioned recently how I’m leaning towards food journaling and planning meals. I refuse to document what I’m eating and drinking this weekend (for my birthday), so I’ll more than likely start documenting meals next week.

Now I’ll admit, I have yet to meditate consistently and I find myself avoiding yoga. But at least running with Buddy the Beagle gets my heart-rate going afterwork. And I have no qualms when it comes to reading my favorite books before bed.

All in all this year has been great so far. For the last 8 days. Some major behind-the-scenes-developments are beginning to unfold. And although I’ve been silenced and forbidden to discuss the exciting news, I really do feel this could be “Our Year” instead of “My Year”.