We kicked off the New Year at Clint, Casi and Kooch’s house in Smyrna. This refreshing change of pace outweighed the last two years spent at the Boro Bar and Grill. About 25 people arrived to celebrate with us. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to ring in 2015.


Just a few days remain until school starts back. Sad face. I’m trying to indulge in hobbies as much as possible. For instance, I changed the name of this site, again. I plan on changing the menu (again) and possible the theme altogether. “Adventures, Aspirations and ‘Aha’ Moments” takes us back to the original domain name, which perfectly summed up my intentions, the quintessential nature of my vision to write about weekend excursions, goals and moments which contained epiphanies, as Oprah would triumphantly shout “Aha!”.

Aside from blogging, I’m still playing catch-up with accessories I plan to sell soon. But at least I finished reading Wild and watched the film last night in theaters. The beginning of Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please has me rolling in hysterics. Trying to read as much as possible before school begins and her memoir is sadly pushed to the side.


So, that about sums up my dilemmas. Trying to determine where to go with this blog. But like everything else in my life, this is probably something I’m just over-thinking.

Here’s a brief synopsis of my overarching New Years Resolutions Outline:

1. Move to Colorado
a. Etsy Shop Grand Opening
b. Reevaluate Finances
2. Physical Health
a. Use New Health Insurance: Appts with the Following
– Dentist
– Optometrist
– Ob Gyn
– New Health Coach
b. Food Matters
– Plan Meals
– Food Diary
– Lose 5 pounds by….
c. Exercise
– Walking Buddy Every Day
-Yoga twice a week
3 Mental Health
a. Meditate three times a week
b. Read unfinished books
c. Plan our wedding without losing my goddamn mind

Yes. We plan on getting married before moving to Colorado. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, more details TBA. But between working full-time, graduate school, opening at Etsy Shop and moving this year, why not throw in the wedding and make 2015 the best year of our lives? Someone say a prayer for me.