Last post of the year! Still unsure of how I feel about this blog theme, the layout and new name, but with the 4 day weekend I plan to catch up on hobbies.

Scroll down for pictures from South Dakota. And know that we had an awesome Christmas break. I checked in on Yelp every chance I could during our vacation hoping these attempts would jog my memory once we returned to Tennessee. But now as I scroll my profile, I realize I can’t view my check-ins except for on the mobile app. I have a lot to learn when it comes to Yelp and Etsy.

But that’s a whole nother story. Sorry to sidetrack, but again, scroll below to see a glimpse of life the last few weeks:

wpid-imag4263.jpg wpid-imag4264.jpg wpid-imag3897.jpg wpid-imag4272.jpg

So much to do in 9 days


wpid-imag3975.jpg wpid-imag4073.jpg wpid-imag4007.jpg wpid-imag3919.jpg wpid-imag4106.jpg wpid-imag4072.jpg wpid-imag4070.jpg wpid-imag4086.jpg wpid-imag4107.jpg wpid-imag4127.jpg wpid-imag4143.jpg wpid-wp-1420069930163.jpeg wpid-imag4204.jpg wpid-imag4180.jpg wpid-wp-1420069904889.jpeg wpid-wp-1420069893725.jpeg wpid-imag4253.jpg

Looking forward to the New Year’s approach and reevaluating New Years Resolutions. Can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for us.