Okay, so it’s technically still 2014. But I want to begin adding posts under one (or more) of the four categories listed at the top of my site. We have Wisdom, Sarcasm, Fashion and Art. This particular post falls under Wisdom, obviously.

Does anyone remember Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray Love? Such a lovely read. Another book with a similar feel called Wild touched the hearts and mind of critics, especially since the book was recently adapted into a movie.


Now it seems as if a flood of entertainment touching on mythologist Joseph Campbell’s teachings have left many of us (or maybe just me) feeling especially inspired. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of the Hero’s Journey, click here to learn more.

All this is to say, I lean on worldly themes for inspiration. Sure it’s cliche, but relevant ideologies provide a sliver of hope to hold onto. If Elizabeth GIlbert can do it, why can’t I? If Cheryl Strayed managed to hike the Pacific Coast Trail solo along 1,100 miles, moving to Colorado can’t be that difficult.

I’m sharing a link with a recent interview led by Todd Aaron Jenson in which he speaks with Strayed concerning her brave adventure. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book!