Hey kids,

It’s been fun, but I’m choosing to not renew my domain name for next year. Surely, I’ll continue to blog, but not necessarily under the premise of advice. Originally I had planned on posting something philosophical, deep and meaningful, but now I’m like “Fuck it.” This won’t be the last post, so who cares?

Just wanted to cover some of the basic statistics regarding this blog. Here’s a small bit of data covering the last year:


28,590 views (thanks guys!)


216 shares (different folks sharing different posts and the main page)

93 posts total since May of 2013

52 posts between December 2013 and December 2014

So yea, I have to brag. My goal was to blog, on average, once a week. When you add the posts from the day I began this new domain until now (plus maybe an additional post or two before the year ends), I made my goal!!! #sorrynotsorry

I have no idea if this site deletes itself or if someone might type in AdviceFromNashville.com and be redirected to CathyLaws.Wordpress.com. I really hope everything remains in tact. But just in case this all magically disappears at midnight, I plan on saving the sentimental posts and photos.

Aside from all that, I’m taking a final tomorrow, so I ought to study tonight. I can’t wait to answer 100 questions in 3 hours and get this shit over with. I procrastinated over the weekend, refusing to study.

First, Erika and I met up for drinks in Smyrna. Then Saturday included a whirl-wind tour between my travels to Old Hickory for Caitlin’s step-mother’s jewelry showing (plus wine and finger foods), Tika’s Annual Cookie Swap in Smyrna and Taylor’s Drunk Santa Party in the Boro. Sunday turned out relaxing with a much-deserved trip to 3 Crow and a spur-of-the-moment visit to see my dear friend Jessica. In a nutshell, last weekend was awesome.

Before we part I want to thank EVERYONE who has ever poked around, stopped by or offered support. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for everyone who’s shown me love. I’ve learned quite a bit from blogging so far; it might be worth mentioning in the future. I’m looking forward to launching this Etsy shop once these ordered materials make their way to my mailbox. Blogging might soon take a back burner, but I plan to still write occasionally.

In the meantime, here’s one last music video for your viewing pleasure. My cat sprained her leg last night, so it’s time to give my girl some pain meds. But thanks again for the continued support! And stay tuned for future posts.