Sunset at the very highest point in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
Sunset at the very highest point in the Great Smoky Mountains, Clingman’s Dome. Such an amazing hike!

I submitted an 11 page paper yesterday, so only one minor homework assignment stands between me and the weekend! So much has happened over the last few weeks, leading me to inadvertently avoid social media altogether. But today’s my last day of work before the 4 day weekend, and I’ll probably be the only one at the office anyways. Last night allowed the time to catch up on blogging, crafting and reading while Keegan touched base with coworkers after school.

Hmm…where to begin? We ate at Mad Donnas twice in one weekend since I left my card there on Friday night after grabbing drinks with Sadie and Caitlin. But after spending a few hours with friends at Opry Mills (and purchasing my first new purse in over 2 years), the 2-4-1’s quenched my thirst. Then we tried Hattie B’s, and the wait was SO worth it. Aside from spicy chicken, the potato salad turned out way better than expected.

That same Sunday afternoon, we traveled to McKay’s in North Nashville searching for Super Mario Kart. Although we had to continue the journey to Great Escape, eventually we found the game on N64. But at McKay’s, I grabbed several new cook books, including one particular gem signed by Michael Pollan, one of my “foodie idols”. In addition, we managed to catch Thee Oh Sees at Exit/In Saturday night with a trip to Gold Rush beforehand. This small, intimate corner of Nashville will always remain important to me as one area I used to frequent quite often.

Aside from the frenzied holiday feels, I’m looking forward to catching up with Murfreesboro friends this weekend and celebrating our 3 year anniversary which lands on Thanksgiving. It’s hard to believe that Keegan has put up with my shit for so long hahahaha. But since I’ve gone without a vehicle for nearly 2 weeks and got my car back on Monday, I really can’t wait to see Caitlin, Stephanie, Erika and Jessica! Lord knows I need time with my girls.

What I’m most excited about is planning my new Etsy shop! I swore to myself, as a New Years Resolution, that I would start a new venture by the end of this year. But all I’ve done up until recently is procrastinate. It’s understandable though. I made it through my first year of grad school, started working for a new nonprofit, moved to Nashville and got a new dog. It’s not like I’ve just been “twiddling my thumbs”; in fact, I’ve kept rather busy considering how much time school and work alone consume. When you add in multiple vacations, volunteer gigs and a long-term relationship, you can’t blame me for steering clear of an intimidating, new enterprise. I can hardly keep up with this blog, to tell you the truth.

But with that being said, I’m putting my brave foot forward and exposing my creative efforts to the world. It’s time to try something different, and save money for the move next year. All I’m willing to disclose at this point is the fact that I’m making bracelets while I master the other 2 crafts I’m currently working on and perfecting. But who knows? Maybe this blog will take the shape of an advertising tool next year…a space for myself to report progress, the successes and the failures. For now, I look forward to crafting in mass quantities and wearing a scarf a day. Turns out I own twenty-three scarves, so it’s time to put them to use.

That about covers my life, besides the fact I’ve purchased several new gemstones recently, and that makes me happy. And last week I learned how to sew, which is a major advantage in the crafting world. Can’t even explain how much I have to be grateful for, but I try not to abuse the hashtag #blessed. Just know that all is well, and if you managed to keep up with my blog all year, I can’t thank you enough for the support!

Botswana Agate, one of my new favorites
Delicate Celestite
My first large chunk of geode, so gorgeous and sparkly in person
New purse, tribal print
Weekly Epic Breakfast Buffet: Bacon, eggs, sausage, homemade hash browns, biscuits and gravy
Practicing making bracelets! What do you think?
Just a few books purchased recently
23 scarves and counting




And after!!
Making an effort to update the bulletin boards

I had planned on discussing our Gatlinburg trip last weekend but our awesome experience deserves a post to itself. I’ll write more later, but in the mean time here’s some upbeat feel-good tunes to kick off the 4 day weekend! Hope everyone enjoys a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!!

I might have posted this video in the past, can’t remember. But regardless, it’s awesome.