Yesterday kicked off with an exciting to-do list. With our Halloween party only 6 days away, my boyfriend and I tried to knock out errands over the weekend. I made French Onion Soup from scratch with Reuben sandwiches for us and my granny. The Reubens tasted perfect, the soup….ehhh. It was okay. At least we have hot, spicy chili to enjoy tonight.

Aside from errands, we checked out Wilco on a whim at the Ryman Wednesday night. Keegan bought my ticket and Dan and Greg rode with us. Then, made it to our friend’s bonfire on Friday night. About 15 people showed up, and it felt like old times to be with Keegan, Caitlin, Kooch, Sadie, Clint, Casi, Ryan, Jessica and whoever else I’m forgetting. Then, Saturday night Sadie invited me to a Lao Birthday Party for some of the best, most authentic Asian food I’ve ever tried.

There’s not much time to write everything I’m thinking. The party’s creeping up on us and we still have quite a few loose ends to tie up. Plus, Beats Antique and Shpongle play this Wednesday, so that’s another night I’ll hardly sleep. And imagine my surprise to log in my class this morning and discover I have a 15 page paper due this Sunday. What the hell!!! I thought it was due December 2nd, oops.

So yeah, no “advice” this week besides to have fun and get crunk Halloween.

Continue scrolling for photos from the weekend and Halloween pics from the past.

2007, Madonna
2008 Police Officer
2009 Native American
2010 Fairy
2011 Gypsy
2012 Sugar Skull
2012 Flapper
2013 Olivia Newton John “Let’s Get Physical”

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