Junip follows me everywhere. Can’t even escape for a soak in the tub without confronting this face.


So why do women insist on traveling to the restroom in pairs? Social norms? Peer pressure? Operant conditioning?

meangirlsWe do it because we want to. And here’s some advice boys: Get over it. As proper ladies, we align with our sisters and no one wants to go alone. What other chance might we have to excuse ourselves and talk about our dates behind their backs? (Just kidding fellas) In all seriousness, my friend Caitlin and I understand the importance of not leaving each other hanging. If she goes to the bathroom, so do I. The bottom line remains: Sometimes we need emotional support not worth mentioning at the dinner table. So we excuse ourselves to collect ourselves.


I hope this brief explanation has cleared up any confusion as to why women behave in the ways that we do.