About 2 weeks ago, I landed my 8th speeding ticket. I made it 11 months without one, but sure enough, it happened again. I was going 74 mph in what I thought was a 70 mph ZONE, but no it was 55. Shame on me for driving to Madison in a hurry with an emergency food box for a resident that doesn’t have a car.

Otherwise, I suppose life is good. Pumpkin Spice White Russians tied me over as I begrudgingly completed the Driver’s Defense Course online, versus confronting traffic school on the weekend. I try my damnedest to knock out homework during the work week to free up Saturdays and Sundays.


Every weekend usually offers something to look forward to. Somehow I managed to check out FOUR new spots: Tin Dog, 308, Portland Brew and Lipstick Lounge, in that order. Caught Keegan’s show at Phat Bites Friday night after a quick trip to Tin Dog and got a little too drunk. But that’s what happens when you start the night with rum and end it on a vodka note.

Then, Caitlin and I gave 308 a shot the next night which reeked of sweaty, overdressed hipsters sipping on hoity-toity beverages topped with egg white, cayenne pepper and God only knows what else. We’re still in the process of finding our go-to in Nashville, but it’s fun to explore new places regardless. My friend Sadie rode with us to Mad Donna’s on Sunday; then we ventured across the street to Lipstick Lounge and ran into my dear, gay friend, Robbie. What a small world.


I’m glad to spare time to touch up my blog and Google Plus Account. ( <— Google Plus hahaha) I love my classes, but it’s relieving to enjoy a small break from homework.  It’s quiet nights like these when the soft sound of rain delivers such soothing effects. With my cat in my lap and this Apple Butter Candle melting slowly, I can’t think of a better way to relax, especially after a nice, long soak in the tub with Eucalyptus Bath Salts.


On an unrelated note, October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This relevant topic of discussion deserves it’s own mention and a post completely unto itself. I’m sure I’ll write more in the next week or two once more free time becomes available.

Until then, here’s Radiohead performing Weird Fishes/Arpeggi live from The Basement. Maybe I’m the only one, but I tend to appreciate music in a somewhat seasonal context. Radiohead has always struck me with this sort of heart-warming, nostalgic sound you reserve for the fall and winter seasons. I can never get enough of it. This romantic tune sets the tone with our 3 year anniversary peeking around the corner.