Blame it on our hibernation habits, but Fall encourages me to pack on some pounds. My inner foodie flourishes as the temperatures drop, and suddenly I’m craving every casserole I can replicate from Pinterest. Check out my Broccoli Rice and Cheese Chicken Casserole.


On a slightly depressing note, a resident of mine passed away last week. I wasn’t ready to talk about it much  at that point, but now I feel as if the chaos has diminished somewhat. We’re still searching for next of kin, but I took last Tuesday off to collect my thoughts. It’s not easy losing a client, especially when the verdict is more than likely a drug overdose. So I did what most girls do when they’re sad, depressed or coping with some sort of loss: I went shopping.

New Wedge Booties
New Wedge Booties

By Friday of last week, I jubilantly awaited to see my friend Brittany who moved to Colorado in July. Even though I miss her (and Justin), which both had been my former roommates, these unexpected visits make for the most glorious Friday nights. A few LITS later, and I’m feeling so good and so nostalgic.


Saturday morning kicked off with EPIC BREAKFAST TIME. For my readers wondering “What the hell is she talking about?”, I’m referring to our weekly ritual of frying as much breakfast food as possible. Bacon, eggs, homemade shredded hash browns, biscuits and gravy (not fried but delicious nonetheless) and sometimes even pancakes grace our breakfast plates before we typically fall back asleep with a belly full of food. We have yet to take our griddle for granted. But last Saturday, we headed to the Nashville Cultural Festival right after breakfast. Between the food and traditional dances, we had a great time.

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We rounded out the afternoon with a walk to Viener Fest, an Austrian/German restaurant located closely to Centennial Park. The German Riesling faintly tasted like pear, with a tart, crisp finish. Then that night, we traveled to Monster Mountain. The haunted house wasn’t exactly terrifying but the Pina Colada Moonshine we sipped on the way made the gregarious occasion all the more fun.

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Since Keegan and I agreed to brunch with his co-workers on Sunday, I made my first quiche! Well…I don’t really think it’s my first quiche, but since I have yet to find pictures of former endeavors, I’m guessing it might be. In any case, we used crescent rolls for the crust instead of the traditional pie crust and let me tell you, it tasted fantastic. Like seriously, now that I understand how easy it is to make quiche, I expect to try again in the immediate future.

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As if the weekend wasn’t awesome enough, I shopped Target with Tika and blew through money that I definitely don’t have. Finally purchased interior lights to brighten up our new house, which actually makes our bedroom feel cozy.

I also purchased these polka dot tights I’ve wanted for quite awhile and Lena Dunham’s new book Not That Kind of Girl. I’m only 43 pages in so far, but trust me, this hilarious account of Dunham’s life filled with relatable moments, (from one twenty-something girl to another) had me rolling in hysterics last night. This book has turned out to be the perfect fall read; now if I could just get my hands on the other books I pinned recently, life would be perfect.