Last weekend, we held our housewarming party which turned out pretty well. We told our friends about the gathering at the very last minute, so it wasn’t nearly as large as last year, and that’s exactly what we wanted. We had 20-25 visitors and only had to clean for about 30 minutes on Sunday morning, hooray!

For those of you trying to set the “fall tone” in your humble abode, let me offer a few suggestions: Flowers, lights and smells.

Just as we prefer to purchase fruits and veggies seasonally, same goes for floral designs. Mums and Pansies tend to be cheap this time of year, so stock up while you can! I also bought some other flowers but lost the identification tags. The small yellow flowers resemble Verbena, but I know for sure the red flowers in the same container are Gerbera Daisies. Coneflowers make for a great fall selection, especially when paired with Salvia or similar looking plants such as Lavender and Pink Meadowsweet Plants.

Also, adding lights throughout the interior and exterior of your living space tends to liven things up. We recently strung twinkling lights across the “ceiling” of our back porch, while the rail is wrapped in white lights. This encourages us to eat breakfast and dinner on the porch more often, along with our pretty new flowers.

Lastly, the smells more so than anything remind visitors that yes, fall has arrived and flourished in our home. Whether you’re a pumpkin advocate or prefer the caramel apple fragrances, don’t forget to light a few candles to really emphasize the mood in your home.

If you have any other suggestions regarding the fall season and how to spruce up your house, feel free to leave a comment. Otherwise, scroll below for a few sneak peaks at our new garden arrangements and decor.

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