So much has happened in the last few weeks, I’m surprised it’s only been about 3 since I wrote a post. Now that we have moved and the entire house is unpacked, hopefully I can maintain a consistent blogging schedule.

Recently I listened to a very inspiring TED Talk relating to the blogging realm. Mena Trott brought a new perspective to my attention. Previously, I held this unwavering bias towards bloggers and inadvertently towards myself. I really considered it selfish when someone’s blog spoke of nothing but the actual author and what he or she was going through, that this narrow lens of reality was narcissistic and unhelpful. Click here to review her insightful discussion.

Now I refute these misinformed accusations. After blogging for nearly a year and half, I’ve realized how this judgmental point of reference has led to the stifling of my own creative process. So from here on out, I’ll continue to blog advice, BUT the advice will come in the form of relating to my personal life, struggles and “aha moments”. Make sense?

So anyhoo, this post is all about touching base, catching up and revitalizing the energy that once filled this space. Not only have I failed to post lately, I have quite a few blogs to review and read, especially those of you that post everyday. The most exciting event I took part in recently would have to be Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend Tour, but I’m saving this experience for a post entirely to itself. Feel free to scroll down and see what’s been happening in my corner of the universe.

1. Craft Day!

I had the chance to hang with co-workers outside of work for the first time. We indulged in copious amounts of coffee and helped Jessica with her button earrings, which she’s selling to raise money for the upcoming adoption. If you would like to see her Etsy shop, click here which will send you to Jessica’s page. Her Etsy account is listed towards the right side of the page.

2. Chad’s going away party

A good friend of mine recently embarked on the Hero’s Journey (as Joseph Campbell might refer to it) as he gradually makes his way to Washington State. Congrats Chad! And thanks Sabrina for reading my blog! For that, you receive a special shout out. The party was a blast and I couldn’t believe so many people showed up!! I guess when you spread the word about a field party, you can expect about 70 or 80 different people. It was nice to catch up with old friends and make new ones. I especially enjoyed the Sublime and Deftones covers, plus the bonfire and food.

3. White Water Rafting

Holy cow, this was one crazy weekend. Our reservation for the hotel was screwed up, but luckily the staff was friendly and capable of working with us to resolve the issue (and for the record, don’t EVER go through Expedia to reserve a room, as they suck majorly). Aside from that slight dilemma, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Cleveland, Tennessee and hope to return for some hard-core-hiking during the remainder of the fall season. Lupi’s Pie is my favorite pizza on Planet Earth, so it made for a great lunch right before our rafting trip. Then, that Saturday night, we tried a restaurant we’d never heard of called Aubrey’s. Jesus Christ, it was so good. AND the full bottles of wine were half off, so I felt pretty good in time to see Guardian’s of the Galaxy afterwards. Which by the way was amazzzing.

The next day, we followed up on one woman’s suggestion to check out the lazy river nearby. We had to drive the opposite direction, but the next thing we know, we’re tubin! For $6 to cover several miles of calm, quiet open water, it was the perfect end to our weekend getaway. I have no clue what the name of the small town was, but they had a quaint Irish bar, and it wasn’t too shabby.

4. The move

Thank God it’s over. Now we can throw our house-warming party TOMORROW. Hooray!

5. Birthdays

So many friends of mine had birthdays in August. First I went to Kooch’s show in the boro where Kooch, Tim ad Clint had a chance to DJ before the main act. That same night I had to book it to Nashville for Keegan’s CD Release Party. Then, my friend Erika and I played bingo at the Kentucky state line, and we actually won some money!!! Hmm…what else? My friend Clint’s birthday is in August and so is Matthew’s, Caitlin’s and Jessica’s birthdays. For the girls, we walked around the downtown strip and checked out several bars. Keegan kept me drunk the entire night and for that, I was grateful.

6. Oprah

Like I said, last weekend was amazing. But I’m saving the bulk of my spiel for another post coming soon. Just know this: I met Carla Hall from the Chew and tasted one of her meals on stage. And yes, her food is fabulous!

7. Odds and Ends

Aside from the major occurrences recently, I held my first community pot-luck for the residents in my program last night. These folks brought so much food to share, along with positive attitudes. Their resiliency in the face of challenges never ceases to amaze me. Hoping to plan another event in Nashville around Christmas or Thanksgiving soon.

I’ve also started back to school and taking one particular course I’ve looked forward to for months: Theories and Techniques in Counseling and Psychology. Can’t wait to be more effective and direct in the advice I share with my residents, family and friends.

I also need to take a moment to explain what an awesome boyfriend I have! Keegan puts up with my shit so much and for that, he deserves some recognition. On Wednesday, Keegan brought home the Other Woman from Redbox as a total surprise and suffered through the entire film with me. So thanks babe for being such a sweetheart. Now that we no longer commute (and save tons of gas money each month) I hope we’re able to try a new restaurant once a week.

So folks, if you made it to this point, thanks for reading! Now that I’m caught up with my blog and work in general, I plan to begin organizing deets for our house-warming party tomorrow, plus the Ladies Night Event I’m hosting in a few weeks. In the mean time, check out my latest obsession called Blouse.

I’m signing off you guys….going to grab drinks with Caitlin at 3 Crow, my favorite bar in Nashville (at least for now). Yay for FRIDAY! Hope everyone enjoys a lovely weekend 🙂


And here’s the photo dump:

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