News flash: We found a house!!! My boyfriend and I are tickled and delighted to sign the lease next week. As if that’s not exciting enough, I don’t have homework for the next TWO WEEKS! Hooray!

Over the weekend, we had time to catch up with friends, which was nice. Friday night began with my best friend’s birthday at this new club in Murfreesboro called Tempt. And for this club to be in Murfreesboro I’ve gotta admit, the place is pretty snazzy. Then, my friend Caitlin and I ventured towards Nashville to catch Keegan’s c.d. release show. What a blast!! It felt refreshing to catch up with our Murfreesboro and Nashville friends in one evening.

The following afternoon, I grabbed lunch with Marissa, then sushi that night with another group of friends. We rounded out the evening with a trip to Tika’s apartment, followed by drinks with my friend Sadie in Nashville on Sunday. Needless to say, I refuse to take for granted the free time bestowed upon me.

So anyhoo, back to house hunting.

I’m providing readers with questions to consider when moving. We jumped the gun last year with essentially no questions to ask, only to realize certain aspects of the house really sucked.  Hence, we found a new place to live. Read ahead and feel free to print out this cheat sheet as a “go to guide” when reviewing a house or an apartment.

Disclaimer: Many of these questions are applicable for renting a property, but this list can still assist with those of you looking to land a mortgage.

House Hunting Questionnaire 

Has anyone else applied for this property?

How long do we have to make a decision?

What do you need from us so we can qualify for this house?

Are pets allowed?

Is smoking only allowed outside?

How bad is the crime in this neighborhood?

How much is the rent?

How old is this property?

Can you provide details concerning the history of this home?

What’s the size of the house? Square feet?

How long is the extent of the lease? Six months? A year?

Can we go month to month after the first year?

How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

Where are the property lines?

Are we allowed to garden directly in the ground?

Am I responsible for mowing the yard?

Are utilities included?

How many days do we have to pay rent?

When and how should rent be paid?

How much is the deposit?

How many days notice should we give when moving out?

How is the internet signal? Strong or weak?

Any water leaks?

Flood damage?

Black mold issues?

Electrical problems?

Central heat and air versus AC units and space heaters?

Has the house ever been renovated or received add-ons, such as an extra bedroom, guest room or garage?

What sort of amenities are included?

Are any bills included? Such as water, electric, gas, etc.

Is the house furnished?

Is a refrigerator and stove provided with the house?

Do the doors lock?

Windows open?

Is the house equipped with a security alarm system?

Does the shower work?

Is the bathtub in good shape?

How many closets come with the house?

Is any other storage space available?

Can we paint the interior walls?

Who’s responsible for patching small tact holes in the walls when moving out?



So there ya go folks! You can print this list and highlight whatever relevant questions apply to your situation. Feel free to respond with a comment if you think of other questions worth asking during the house hunting process.