Long time, no post. Life took over, and before I knew it, we’re planning a move, beginning new jobs and taking on a new dog. I wasn’t used to commuting in the least bit, but this recent opportunity to engage in Urban Social Work was a chance I couldn’t refuse.

Between working full-time, commuting, studying and planning weekend excursions, the last thing I’ve made time to do is blog. In fact, this is probably the longest I’ve gone without posting; shame on me.

But anyways.

Today’s post embellishes on techniques to stay satisfied with your overall quality of life. Read ahead for unique ideas besides your typical “Eat well, breathe deep and relax” proposals.

Set the Alarm to Your Favorite Song


What better way to wake up than to leap out of bed with uncompromising enthusiasm? Okay, so maybe that’s a stretch. But research point to the beginning of the day seeming the most stressful for the majority of adults. Let’s think of ways to nip this in the bud.

– Wake up to awesome music.

– Schedule time with your pets before work (Umm, hello endorphins)

Create your own morning ritual.

To brace myself for the morning commute, I cook a hot meal. This gives me time to wake up and something to look forward to before work. Listening to TED Talks also help me stay focused and positive first thing in the morning.

Challenge Negative Thoughts


Let’s face it: If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you Googled something like “How to be Happy” or “How to Keep a Positive Attitude”. A lot of times, it’s not necessarily a lack of happiness preventing us from feeling our best; it’s the cycle of negative thinking.

The next time you think, “God, I don’t want to wake up, WHY do I have to work so early!?”, re-frame this sentiment. Yes, it’s cliche, but purposefully seeking out the positives in a bleak situation ought to propel you in the right direction. As Brene Brown so eloquently insisted, “Talk to yourself like you would someone you love”.

Schedule Play Time


In a world full of meetings, deadlines and other stressful scenarios, we plan every bit of our day except the things that really matter. When’s the last time you scheduled time specifically dedicated for your pets? Or your children? Or significant other? Whatever the case may be, plan your free-time just as you would schedule anything else. If your lifestyle is anything like mine, it’s appropriate to consciously clear your afternoon for free-time; and honestly, we all deserve it.

This is the time to focus on the positives, process what’s happened and to revitalize your energy.

Reconstruct and Repeat


I could never outline every possible suggestion or idea on how to be happy in such a short post. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Aint nobody got the whereabouts as to what makes every human being happy in his or her own unique way. All I can say is, figure out what works for you and do that!

Most of us are smart enough to know what makes us happy and what doesn’t. If you’re struggling with determining your special interests or hobbies, leave a comment below, and we can work through this together. Make a conclusive effort to rationalize what’s holding you back from becoming the absolute most positive individual that you were destined to become.  Reconstruct your attitude, think positive, then repeat.

Usually a lack of gratitude compounded with a seemingly lack of time to engage in the positive thinking process leads to a negative attitude. For additional information on how to neurologically create a more positive attitude, click here. Otherwise, have a wonderful week!