Guess who landed a new Social Work Position recently? Meee. I’ve scoured the job market for months, and finally, the perfect position presented itself.

Life has recently become slightly chaotic as the new SOAR Program Coordinator for a housing agency in East Nashville, while our new dog, Buddy, is recovering from his shots, and two of my closest friends depart for Fort Collins next week.

I’m looking forward to learning the ropes at work, completing copious amounts of homework and planning for quickly-approaching vacations. In the mean time, continue to scroll for the links with insightful information regarding your first few days at work.


How to Ace Your New Job in the First 90 Days

How to Succeed in Your First Job

 Kick Ass From Day One in Your New Job

If you have any tips to add, let me know. This particular posts lacks the sustenance I typically try to provide, but honestly I’m exhausted and other priorities have surfaced at this time.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. And do yourself a favor: Listen to Tycho, because your soul deserves it.