Love ’em or hate ’em, cats possess an air of entitlement leading some to revere their pets while others opt for dogs instead. The crazy cat lady stigma once permeated the forefront of feline culture but begun to fade as more men brazenly adopt cats. Pompous hipsters swooped in like desperate trendsetters ready to break away from the norm where formally it was cool to hate cats and suddenly, cats have accounted for 15% of all internet traffic. This tendency towards felines is here to stay.

As a responsible pet owner, it’s your duty to study the psychology of cat behaviors. Read ahead for facts you may not know about your feline friend.

Kittens Sleep To Grow


Kittens tend to sleep more than usual as a growth hormone releases during their rest. The Cat Health Guide also indicates cats need more rest as adults to conserve energy for hunting periods. Overall, cats notable spend nearly 2/3 of their lives resting. If only humans could do the same.

How Your Cat Owns You


Have you ever noticed a time when you’re slaving over the stove and your cat saunters over to run against your ankles? He or she is likely claiming you as territory by leaving their distinct scent on you. These pheromones send a signal to other “predators” (such as the dog or other cats) that you’re taken.

Cats Suffer From Dermatitis, Too

Random, but funny
Random, but funny

While humans occasionally cope with skin problems such as eczema, cats deal with Dermatitis when they just so happen to be allergic to flea bites. WebMD for Pets covers symptoms including small crusts, bumps, and raw patches of skin, and hair loss due to licking and scratching. If your cat appears finicky and uncomfortable, take your precious to the vet asap.

The Infamous Cat Butt in Your Face

Or is it?
Or is it?

Little did I know until recently that cats put their bums in your viewing vicinity just as we greet our best friends with a hug: By placing themselves in a vulnerable position, the pheromones secrete a scent near the base of their tale for other cats to determine if the cat is approachable and friendly. So consider it a compliment if a cat exposes his rear to you; this confusing display of affection need not be dismissed as a disrespectful behavior.