These last several days have proven hectic with beginning a new job, facing my first round of finals in 4 years and participating in a wedding this weekend. A body in motion stays in motion, true, but all I want to do is sleep.

As far as advice is concerned, don’t expect much this week. I’m reaching out to readers and asking, “What advice do you need?” for future posts. In the mean time, the wedding has kept me up late, which is usually when I blog. My one tidbit for today: Stick with your gut! I nearly accepted a different position last week, but something in my core advised me not to. Yesterday, I ran into another woman whom had accepted the offer I turned down, and she informed me how much she hated her job. Glad I decided to duck out of that “opportunity”.

Sooo what else is new? Besides the upcoming wedding this weekend, I am also in Tara’s wedding on Memorial Day Weekend. We celebrated her bachlorette party last weekend at Soulshine Pizza Factory and Broadway. I was grateful for Athena to tag along last minute, had no idea Tara and Athena had become so close after they met at my birthday party a few years ago. We had a fantastic night dancing in the bars and on the sidewalks.

Between the two weddings, I’m headed to Hangout in Gulf Shores, Alabama with a few friends. Can’t wait to see many of my favorites. This will mark my tenth Flaming Lips Show; what better way to celebrate than on the beach?! Also, we have Queens of the Stone Age, STS9, Outkast, Jack Johnson (lovingly referred to as John Jackson after his amazing last minute set at Bonnaroo last year), Black Keys, Valerie June, The Killers, Pretty Lights, Zedd, MIMOSA (my favorite dj, which I just realized is attending the festival a few days ago), Modest Mouse and whoever else I’m forgetting. Point being, out of every festival I have ever been to, this one takes the cake with bringing the most of my favorites to one location.

If you read my last post about the gardening projects taking place on our porch, be advised that my addiction has taken hold of my bank account. I gave up on the pansies, since they really aren’t built for hot southern summers, and purchased Winky Blue and White Columbines, Arizona Sun Blanket Flowers, Setcreaesea (otherwise known as Purple Heart, a trailing perennial), and Lemon Symphony, which is basically a smaller version of a daisy.

I’m almost more proud of the double hanging basket than the tomato box and herb garden honestly. The top basket houses White Trailing Lobelia with Red Geraniums, while the lower, larger basket contains Papaya Petunias, Magadi Blue Trailing Lobelia, Orange Diascia, White and Purple Verbena, Calibrachoa in Volcano Sunset and Mystic Spires Blue Salvia. The two remaining container gardens and fairy garden are coming along just fine. I added Butterfly Blue Scabiosa to the containers alongside the Ascot Rainbows, but as my first attempt at putting together hanging baskets, they turned out to be so beautiful and robust!

On Easter, my group Happy Vibes on Facebook came together to dispense eggs on the Greenway like last year. A few additional members signed on with us after discovering the eggs we hid along the trail. That weekend was fun between creating the egg hunt, record store day and Earth Day at Centennial Park in Nashville.

What began as a futile attempt to eat more greens has turned into a culinary adventure. I’ve sauteed okra spears with a slight bit of balsamic vinegar, plus tried a new Brussels Sprout Salad with toasted sliced almonds, cranberries and more balsamic vinegar. I’ve also mastered the art of cooking and preparing an entire fresh artichoke and how to disassemble the bastard accordingly.

I’m running out of time and my cat needs love. She’s become more whiny recently, and there’s still packing to complete before I head to this East Tennessee wedding. It is truly an honor to watch two of my closest friends and former roommates tie the knot. I couldn’t be more happier for them, and overall, life is looking pretty good right now. I’m glad I had enough time this week to have my oil changed and hair dyed, so I’ve returned to the dark side with this violet, cherry red all-over hue.

In the mean time, if you need specific advice concerning anything in particular, please leave a comment. I will be sure to make a post in the next few weeks especially for you.

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