If a close friend plans to tie the knot soon, it’s your responsibility to send her off with the best memories a girl can reflect upon. If you’re broke or stressing what to do, have no fear. Read ahead for great tips concerning how to host the perfect bachelorette party.

Put Yourself in Your Friend’s Shoes


Not every party has to be balls-to-the-wall, binge-drinking to the max, fueled with jello shots, body shots, etc. We’re grown, and honestly, we’ve learned a lot from our early twenties. (But by all means, if that’s your scene, feel free to drink as much as possible.)

The point is to focus on your friend’s needs and personal preferences. Since my former roomie and soon-to-be bride has turned into a health food guru over the last few years, particularly drawn to yoga and outdoor scenery, I decided to dedicate a large portion of our stay in Chattanooga towards hiking the Cumberland Trail.

Create a Back Up Plan


This step speaks for itself. We were worried the trail might be closed due to maintenance, so the Chattanooga Riverwalk became our back-up plan. If it rained, we would have visited the aquarium. Whatever the case may be, plan for the worst and hope for the best. By securing multiple options (like how we had to choose between Sluggo’s, Purple Daisy Picnic Cafe and the Curry Pot for lunch), you’re bound to have fun no matter what.

Supply the Party Favors


I’m a sucker for arts n crafts, so I couldn’t wait to put together our party favors. Since we couldn’t afford matching t-shirts, I borrowed an idea from a bachelorette party last year and changed a few things.

Last year, my friend’s sister provided us with “bachelorette survival kits” in sachets and customized wine glasses. So, I created bachelorette survival kits and placed them inside the wine glasses that I customized myself. Here’s a few pics to give you an idea. (P.S. This only cost me a total of $40 to create, so $10 per person turned out to be very cost effective.)

wpid-imag5457.jpg wpid-imag5466.jpg wpid-imag5470.jpg

Add whatever items you wish, render a cheesy poem (or feel free to steal this one which I made up), then add the vinyl letters to the wine glasses, stuff with tissue paper and top with sunflowers. If any particular item doesn’t fit in the glass, tie it off at the bottom with twine like I chose to do with the Ring Pops.

Act as the One Man Hype Crew


When it comes to festivals, we jokingly refer to ourselves as The Hype Crew. It’s kind of like shopping at Publix, how anytime you’re within 10 feet of an employee they ask, “Do you need help finding anything?”

At Bonnaroo, those within my peripheral vision are approached with high-fives, hugs, and icy cold squirts from my water bottle or an enthusiastic “Bonnarooooo”. The last few years, my friends and I have made it our mission to be as absolutely friendly to strangers as possible. We’re The Hype Crew, because we purposefully bring excitement and joy to other festival-goers.

Likewise, this is your friend’s bachelorette party!!! Hopefully she only marries once, so this is a once-in-a-life-time chance to provide her with the best party you can provide. Do your best to lighten the mood.

Keep the party lively, encourage her to take (safe) risks and above all else, have fun.

Do you have any tips for a fun bachelorette party? Any stories to share? Feel free to keep scrolling for a recap of last weekend.

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