Are you drowning in assignments? Avoiding your homework altogether? Or maybe your dreams include missing deadlines and facing ridicule among your peers. In any case, if you’re interested in looking forward to your homework, read ahead for my personal tactics.

Prep for Study Time

When we live in an ADHD prone society, it’s easy to become distracted. I’ve dedicated Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to assignments, but studying becomes mandatory every single day. How can you prep for an upcoming study session? Find a good spot. Whether you have access to a study room, front porch or a cozy backyard, give yourself relief from distractions. Put your smart phone away. No, it doesn’t count as “studying” if you’re posting selfies while “reading” a book.

Grab a glass of water, and use the rest room before you sit down. Put on your favorite pj’s, and light a candle. Select an appropriate playlist and………study! I’ve mentioned the value of day planners repeatedly in former posts, but if this is your first trip to my site, allow me to elaborate: A planner reduces the risk of postponing assignments. It helps keep you on track. And on a side note, meditation increases clarity and focus, which is necessary to hone in on homework.

Switch it Up

Commit thirty minutes to one subject then focus on something else. If I’m tired of reading about Clinical Supervision, then it’s time to move onto Management in Human Services Programs. If Facilitating Human Development: Broad Based Strategies begins to bore me, I switch to Community Counseling. Not to mention, it’s nice to enjoy books that aren’t related to school. As I’m reading Jeanette Wall’s 2005 memoir, The Glass Castle, it’s refreshing to review someone else’s life instead of clinical mental health counseling subjects. Ayurveda Made Simple has taken the forefront of my recent interests, since a friend let me borrow her copy, and I have to give it back soon.

Despite the recommendation of avoiding procrastination, step away for a moment when you begin to lose focus. Take a brief walk around the house, stretch, then return to your work. There’s a difference in delaying assignments versus a tendency to lose interest. If you fail to return to an assignment, you have no one to blame but yourself. Make smart choices, and keep striving to exceed your goals.

Reward Yourself

I promised myself last week “If you finish your homework for this week on Monday, you get to see Glitchmob with all your friends on Tuesday”. Needless to say, the homework was completed in a swift and timely manner. Last weekend, I spent Friday night at Stonekeepers trying elixirs during their Rocktail Hour, and it was lovely to unexpectedly run into old friends I haven’t seen in years. This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t already knocked out my homework. Likewise, Saturday felt like recess between spending time with my boyfriend at the greenway on the river, and enjoying $5 Bushwackers and Irish Car Bombs for St. Patrick’s Day. Afterwards, we grilled out at my grandparent’s house which was followed by a bonfire in Kimmi’s backyard.

Give yourself something to look forward to once you’ve taken that quiz, submitted a lengthy research proposal or studied for hours on end.

Maintain Perspective

If you’re in college, and especially if you’re enrolled in graduate courses, keep in mind that no one is forcing you to go. You signed up for classes, because you chose to. As harsh as it sounds, that’s life, folks. Anytime I slightly begin to feel the inkling of irritation or bitterness towards a particular assignment, I recall what a gift it is to have the ability to read and write. Other women like Malala Yousafzai risk their lives for an education; what do I have to complain about?

I remember the gratification and literal tears of joy as I wept, so grateful to receive my acceptance letter. Not everyone’s admitted into graduate courses, so it’s not to be taken for granted. Embrace the challenges ahead, and congratulate yourself afterwards.

Here’s 4 more brief tips for increasing motivation:

Indulge in clarity foods

Wiggle your toes

Breathe deep and stay calm

Create habits

Rocktail Hour
Stones River
The Boulevard
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We had fun at Glitchmob

Juice after the Reiki Healing Circle at Center of Symmetry
Cafe Cocoa provides the best midnight snacks