Good Lord, Spring is almost here, and I can feel it. This past week or so has been quite busy, which is why you might have noticed no post last week? Or maybe you didn’t notice, in which case is even better.

Still working on my next advice piece, but in the meantime, let’s catch up on life.

First, my friend Stephanie and I went to see David Mayfield at Exit/In for freeee. We caught Nashville Burlesque sets in between, and these women make acrobatics appear so easy. We decided we must take classes this summer.

Then I got together with my old roommate Brittany to shop for Bridesmaids dresses. I found one that fits perfectly and can’t wait to show it off in May. The one for Tara’s wedding arrived a few weeks ago, and her wedding comes after Hangout Festival. Needless to say, May needs to hurry up! So much to look forward to 🙂 I’ve been put in charge of planning and organizing Brittany’s bachlorette party, so working on the party favors and invites has certainly kept me busy these last few days.

Kimmi’s birthday party at Coconut Bay came and went, Marie and I got 2-4-1s this past Monday at Coco’s, Amber and Casi introduced me to Arrington Vineyards last Saturday, followed by another birthday party at my old house last Saturday night.

Brett drove all the way from Memphis and back in one night (a total of a 7 hour drive) for Brittany’s birthday. It was the first time me, Brittany, Justin and Brett had all been together in over 2 years, which is remarkable considering we all used to be roommates. Having RJ around was nice too, since she took over his lease afterwards and I had the chance to introduce them. I’m in the process of trying to hook them up as future roomies, because RJ is moving to Memphis by herself this summer to begin graduate school.

Ariel and I had time to shop at H&M in Nashville, so now I have a new swim suit to wear at Hangout Fest. Woot woot. It was nice to catch up with her for the first time in about 6 months or so.

My brother and I enjoyed time together at Stone Keeper’s yersterday, then we headed to the Greenway so he could see my “secret meditation spot”. I purchased a new Chakra Stone set, and my favorite latest discovery would have to be Labradorite. This beautiful, shimmering stone is best known for it’s magical, intuitive powers and after meditating with the polished gem last night, I can tell my energy has been restored. On a side note, I saved a trucker hat from the river (you’re welcome mother nature), then last night, me, Michelle, Chad, Kooch and John traveled to the Boro Bar and Grill to watch Keegan play 2 sets with his friends. Can’t pass up a free show 🙂

I’m in the process of dwindling down gardening ideas and purchased another Earth Box online which will help me expand on last year’s efforts. The pansies from last fall appeared today, just as I discovered some daffodils growing in our yard that must have been planted by someone who lived in our house previously. All in all, I’m super busy and loving it! I enjoyed brunch with a friend at City Cafe this morning, coffee dates with other Amigas and frequent trips to the library. Volunteering to cook at the shelter has been fun so far, and I’m looking forward to Spring with “Rocktail Hour” at Stone Keepers, gardening season approaching and many festivals and weddings to tend to.

Stay tuned, another advice post is coming soon 🙂

With love,


PS If this post appears sloppier than usual, I blame it on the fact that today is Keegan’s birthday, so I am currently blogging, jamming to Deftones and making heart shaped brownies and hash brown casserole all at once. Scroll down for pics regarding all the mentioned recent activities, in no particular order.

right before i fell in the river trying to fish out debris
The Labradorite is in the center, and the flash picked up the pretty sheen.

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We had to take this pic, since this is the first time everyone in the upcoming wedding has been in the same place at the same time. Me, Brittany, Justin, plus Nikki from East TN, Brett from Memphis and Cameron from NC
We had to take this pic, since this is the first time everyone in the upcoming wedding has been in the same place at the same time. Me, Brittany, Justin, plus Nikki from East TN, Brett from Memphis and Cameron from NC

IMAG5215 IMAG5238 IMAG5245 IMAG5246 IMAG5249