For those last minute scheming romantics, I’ve provided ideas for him and her with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Shout out to Pinterest for these creative suggestions. After reviewing these quick and easy ideas, I feel confident that many readers can replicate these projects with no problems. This post may appear shorter than most I write, but I plan to catch up on blogging next week once midterms have come to pass. In the meantime, read below for ways to impress your significant other. And please feel free to share additional eclectic ideas.


Red Velvet Heart Stuffed Pound Cake

Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Sprinkles

Egg in the Nest for Breakfast (I personally love my toast served this way)

Cranberry Spritzer

Sweet Nothings Sipper


“I Dig You”

“52 Reasons Why I Love You”

Clothespins (I would expand on this idea by hanging pics of us across the wall with twine, so when he wakes up, it would be a total surprise)

“I Was Soaping You’d Be Mine”

The Chocolate Wreath


Candles and Candy Hearts

Heart Tree

Burlap Flags (The link doesn’t work, but the image is self-explanatory. Leave me a comment if you have questions about this one.)

Basic, Re-purposed Window

“Bee Mine” Canvas


“Kisses From the Mrs.”

The Paper Airplane

“Donut You Know I Love You A Hole Bunch?”

“You’re One in a Minion”

“I Have a Crush on You”