Most individuals notably give up their resolutions on January 10th. The Daily Mail delivers disappointing news to readers, but this doesn’t mean you have to bow your head in disgrace. Keep the statistics in mind as a way to stay motivated, and read ahead for more methods to strengthen your sense of determination.

1. Set A Target Date

Doesn’t a goal appear more intimidating when you’re up against an entire year? So many psychologists recommend setting short-term goals, because it works. Beginning with weekly resolutions like, “I will stop smoking for a week”, sounds much more realistic than striving for 365 days with no mistakes.

Hold yourself accountable for a few days at a time, and reward yourself when the goal is met to reinforce motivation. Just as Pavlov trained dogs to understand when it’s time to eat, you deserve to reside in residual feelings of triumph after meeting your mark.

The down side: Accountability also pertains to reprimands. When I vowed to exercise more often and dismissed the habit after a month, guess who stepped up to mow the yard three times in a row? Find an appropriate punishment and follow through. Or, stay on track and leave little room for error. Procrastination becomes unavoidable if you choose not to set a date, but working towards a time oriented goal provides a margin for rewards and punishments.

2. Develop Social Support

A few weeks ago, we discussed why social support plays a significant role in reaching success. Besides having someone to keep you accountable, it’s wise to steer clear of those who may unintentionally derail your plans. If refraining from drinking becomes difficult, and your bestie lives at the bar, it would behoove you to substitute the environment for a better suited atmosphere. Likewise, if your goal is to foster a deeper relationship with God, wouldn’t it make sense to go to church or some other center of worship? Seek those with the same interests as you or find ways to spend time with friends that doesn’t involve breaking your resolutions.

3. Come Here For Motivation

Advice From Nashville’s main priority is to reassure and encourage readers. Whether you’re black, white, rich, poor or on the other side of the world, I am here for your validating needs. Leave a comment with your e-mail address if you would like to talk personally about your resolutions. And check out this list of mantras available for print. Nothing wrong with hiding mantras in your wallet to review the next time you feel discouraged:

My resolutions matter.

I vow to enjoy the process.

My determination inspires others.

I am healthy and ready to challenge myself.

Striving for success pays off.

My high energy levels push me to win.

I always give 100%.

This is easy.

I blaze my own path.

Fake it ’till you make it.

A year from now, you will be grateful you began today.

4. Don’t repeat the same failed attempts

If your new year’s resolution revolved around weight loss and efforts turned sour, identify what went wrong. Did the tread mill bore you three years in a row? Why not try running outside instead? It’s perfectly acceptable to aim for the same goal again, but approaching the same situation the same way repeatedly is called insanity, folks.

I’ve listed inspiring TED Talks for anyone in need of an extra boost this Monday afternoon. Be in touch if you need additional assistance, or feel free to leave a comment with any questions or concerns.